I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

With Hard Work and Preparation, I PASSED AUD!

Farah is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


The passing score on my smartphone was accompanied with a huge sigh of relief. After the Prometric debacle, I was worried that I failed AUD.

But hard work and preparation did not leave my side, and I managed to pass it. Huge thanks goes out to my video review, and to Jeff for the NINJA Audio. The AUD audio was a great tool in reinforcing audit concepts!

REG is next. Tax was always my Achilles heel, especially corporate and partnership taxation. However, I have faith that my tax professors, tax classes, self-study materials, and intense notes, will help me through REG.

My biggest challenge continues to be balancing family, work, full-time graduate school, and studying for the CPA exam. And not just balancing them, but to perform at a high level. So as we take the exam, let’s remember to give ourselves a break every now and then.

My breaks entail participating in volunteer activities. I recently volunteered for the Race for the Cure, and giving back prevents me from being consumed by my studies. I’m walking the walk to remind myself that while I’m taking the CPA exam, I can still make a positive impact in my community.

Let’s keep our spirits high as we tackle the CPA exam, and remember to give back to the people and community that enrich our lives!


Farah J



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