AUD Passed! Committed to Passing FAR Next

10 Jan 2013

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

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Happy New Year everyone!

Late again on my Blog – someday I will get it right. Holidays were busy, work has been hectic and I have started to cram for FAR. As usual I am stressed out.

Has anyone else passed a part of the exam and then sat back and relaxed instead of hitting the next part? It took me two weeks in December just to open a book after the AUD.

As soon as I got my test score (passed) I took a vacation from the books. Not a real vacation and not without guilt either. I should have just given myself a week off and then started to study again.

I would have at least enjoyed that week and could have been on time with this blog too. Instead, I kept procrastinating to the point that I could not sleep knowing that FAR was right around the corner and tax season too!

So here I am preparing for FAR and tripping all over Acquisitions methods for Goodwill in regards to IFRS and GAAP. Brain dead really. I cannot move through these questions with any real speed and what should have taken me 4 hours to do a homework assignment is taking me days!

So I am behind once again in my studies and cannot take time off from work (tax season) to catch up. So I did what any sensible CPA candidate would do.. I pushed the exam.

I was scheduled for Feb 3 and now am scheduled for Feb 23. I just hope I am complete by Jan 31 so I can just review through February.

I also went out and bought a pair of Bose QC15 noise cancelling headphones! Not sure if anyone has tried them but I cannot begin to describe what a silence barrier they create.

When I sat for AUD I was given a pair of passive over the ear headset to just kill light noised in the already silenced room. I was relieved with that and was able to concentrate.

Well, my house is noisy and at this point I am easily distracted. I figured I would give it a whirl. They work great and I find concentration comes easier for me. You should hear the NINJA Audio on them – good stuff.

As far as studying is concerned, I find I am more distracted this time around and am not as disciplined. If not for the temperature outside being 7 Degrees (Boston) I surely would of found something more appealing outside to distract me.

On a good note, the managing partner was quite pleased on my grade for AUD. I took the last couple of weeks off and studied my butt off. My guess is he thought I would not use the time wisely.

In any event, I received a reasonable raise and as I pass each part, I am invited to come into his office and ask for additional compensation. In addition, once I pass all the parts, I can come in again and renegotiate my salary.

I was pretty pleased with that. This partner is extremely difficult to impress but I managed to display a commitment to succeed.

And that is the tone for this evening – a commitment to succeed. I imagine I will not remember 3 of the best Patriot games I passed up so I could study, or the brunches with my family members, or dinner and a movie, etc. It will happen again and I will be available once I pass the exam.

So I remain committed and determined to succeed. A good night to all and a wonderful and successful study campaign as well.


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