Moving along with FAR + Almost Ready for MCQs

Marc is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello everyone. I missed blogging last week because of how crazy life has been. I moved into a new house last week and still hadn’t even gotten Internet until today.

I have been a little under the weather as well, so I am glad my wife has been taking care of most things around the house.

I have been trucking along on FAR and am going quickly through the material quickly since I am saving all of the chapter MCQs for when I am finished with the lectures.

This is a strategy I like because between doing the MCQs for chapter 1 and the next 9 chapters worth of lectures and questions, I will most likely forget what I had already learned.

I am aiming to finish my lectures at the beginning of August so that I have a full month until my August 31st test date to review. I see my study strategy changing with every test I take, but the common denominator seems to be working more MCQs.

I am excited to have about 31 days to hammer out as many MCQ’s as possible. I tried this strategy for my last test (AUD), and I will find out how I did in the beginning of August.

I spent day after day in June taking progress tests and going through chapter MCQs until my test date, and I felt awesome about it. The test however was still extremely hard and I honestly haven’t got a clue how I did.

That’s how the CPA exams are I guess. You can prepare the best you can and still not have a clue how you did.

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