BEC Study: Another Day, Another 100 MCQs

03 Aug 2012

NINJA CPA Review, Wiley CPA

By rogina

Gina is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

The time is almost here for me to sit for BEC. I changed the date and pushed it back a week to give me more time to go over my week areas.

I’ve gone over these questions so many times; I think I have them memorized. I can’t tell if this is good or bad because I still get the same questions wrong.

My goal is to do 100 MCQ’s a day. I try to do 25 in the morning, 50 at lunch and 25 at night. My technique is to read through my lecture notes, the NINJA Notes and then do the corresponding questions.

So far I am reaching my goal and I feel like I am retaining information well. I am considering purchasing the Wiley MCQs just to practice a different way the questions may be asked. If I still feel uneasy about the exam by next Sunday, the Wiley software will be my next option. I refuse to push this test back again.

Hopefully, this time next week I’ll be able to report that I feel completely ready to tackle BEC.

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Malvika 12 years ago

All the very best :)

Tori Roberts 12 years ago

For your missed questions, try the J step in the NINJA method. Write down the answer explanations, why your answer was wrong, and why the correct answer is right. Also, use the text link button and it will give you the page from the Wiley book that has the rules applied. This has helped me avoid missing the same questions/ concepts repeatedly. Best of luck.

Olga 12 years ago

I would totally suggest going for Wiley MCQs. Honestly once I started supplementing my Becker materials with that my scores went up from mid 70s to mid 80s. Good Luck!