Marching on with REG, then a Rematch with AUD

07 Aug 2012

NINJA CPA Review, Wiley CPA

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Hey Everyone!

Last week I ended by saying that I had recently taken AUD and that this week I would describe that experience to you. Well, the scores were released Friday and I unfortunately made a 73.

I can’t say that I’m extremely shocked that I didn’t pass the exam, but I am very disappointed. Being only 2 points away from passing was very bittersweet. It made me realize that I definitely can do this, but I just wish it would have been this time!

I wasn’t surprised by the multiple choice questions that were on the exam, but I was very confused by the simulations. For the majority of them I didn’t understand what they were asking. In the end, I tried to choose the answer that seemed best to me and moved on.

In retrospect, I probably should have spent more time on the simulations, but I was feeling very discouraged at the time. I did have extra time at the end of my test, so next time I will be sure to try and use that time for review. I don’t expect to take more time on the multiple choice, however, because I’m one of those who tends to go back and change their mind.

When I walked out of the test, I didn’t think I had passed because the simulations were so difficult and nothing I had ever seen before. To prepare for the exam, I used a combination of video review, Wiley Test Bank, and NINJA Notes.

The next time I prepare for the AUD exam I will try to do way more multiple choice questions. I went over the written material very heavily and probably did not do as many multiple choice questions as I should have.

I’m not discouraged by any means, but I do feel a bit down. Nevertheless, REG is scheduled for August 31st so I’m going to continue marching on. I’m going to study as hard as I can to pass REG and then I will be able to rematch AUD.

Congratulations to all of you who passed this go round and happy studying to everyone else!

Until next time….


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Jacob 12 years ago

Do not give up, Spencer! I took all four parts a total of 17 times--I wanted to give up so bad but would not until I tasted of victory. I am now a CPA!

Laci 12 years ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the AUD similations were confusing. I wasn't sure what they were asking either and I started to wonder if they gave me the right questions! Good luck on REG!

Trisha 12 years ago

I got the same score my first attempt. Brutal. I know the first time through I didn not use the authoritative literature for the sims. The second time I did, and I found many parts word for word after some serious digging... And I eeked by with a 76. Best wishes to you next time around!

Spencer 12 years ago

Thanks guys for the words of encouragement! I've already started studying for REG and hopefully the next one will turn out better!! :) Good luck to you those of you who are still studying!