See Ya C-DOG: I Passed AUD!!!

11 Sep 2013

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

Meg is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hellooooo fellow NINJAs!!!

So I took Audit on August 15th and have been studying for my audit retake since then. Some light studying … rewrote the NINJA Notes and have been working the Wiley MCQs. Well I can officially stop studying for my Audit retake because I PASSED!!!

I first took Audit in August of 2012 and got a round and ugly score of 60. Then my good friend Google introduced me to and I raised my score by 21 points.

The Audit study group forum really helped me focus. Other NINJAs provided helpful ways of grasping concepts that I just didn’t get.

I listened to NINJA Audio in the car over and over again. Gotta say, it wasn’t as entertaining as the BEC audio, but have you ever met a funny auditor?

I am now planning on Reg in the end of October or beginning of November. I seem to work harder if I give myself a shorter time frame, otherwise I procrastinate. I am highly impressed by those that can follow a six/seven week study schedule. It seems like I need a fire lit under me, otherwise I just don’t move!

I hope you guys are having a productive study season. I thought it would be harder to study over the summer than fall/winter because the weather is so nice. It was actually easier since all of my 17 favorite television shows are all in reruns!

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Jeff @ 10 years ago

Congrats Meg!