REG Passed! Two Exams Down, Two to Go

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I just thought I would check in and address those people who are still lurking around the site and have not gotten around to applying to sit for the CPA exams yet because they’re intimidated with the process. You know who you are!

Admittedly, I was very hesitant to start, knowing that I just moved to the states from the Philippines, I don’t have/never had a job even remotely related to accounting (freelance web design for the last 3 years), I didn’t take up any classes on tax/law/accounting that applies to the US, and most of all, I wasn’t an accounting major.

The latter one seemed to me like it had two consequences: I might have trouble grasping concepts in the study material or I might not have sufficient accounting classes to sit for the CPA exam at all.

I even went so far as making up an excuse that I probably would have a hard time reading questions quickly because English isn’t my native tongue. I went through that list up there over and over and there were times when I told myself those things were just too hard to overcome.

But being the ambitious and energetic 22-year old that I am, I eventually shut those thoughts down. So to anyone saying they can’t do it because they don’t have the best GPA etc.. YOU CAN DO IT if you make the time. Notice I didn’t say, “find” the time.

I have been wanting to take the exams since I got out of college 3 years ago but never got around to doing it until late last year. All I can say is I am so glad I started taking the exams because now I’m halfway through.

The score release last week gave me some awesome news: I passed REG with an 80! Score release day was very nerve-wracking – I never cook but that day I actually ended up with raviolis I made from scratch because I needed something to pour my energy into.

In a month, these are what I did:

1. Read the chapter and made notes on the margins

2. Watched all the videos (in the NINJA way, this would’ve come first but I was beyond an ultimate noob on REG and I would get lost in the lectures)

3. Worked almost all (1000-ish) MCQs in the Wiley Testbank and made notecards on facts and formulas I was likely to forget

4. Read the NINJA Notes and listened to the Audio as I did chores/errands – at this point I was a bit burnt out, one thing you should be wary of! Pace yourself, go out once in a while, relax

5. About 3 days before the exam, I did the NINJA Flashcards + ones I made myself

The only thing I wish I could’ve done was practice the sims on topics I did not know well. A few hours before the exam I was thinking of exactly 2 topics and whether I should go over the sims for them. I decided against it and guess what? They showed up.

Right now I am studying for FAR. It’s tough but I’m lucky to be surrounded by supportive people who never stop inspiring and encouraging me.

Until next time!

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