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PASS! NINJA Attack Beats Audit


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Yesterday was a great day. I finally got some good news in the score department … I passed Audit with a 76! I was completely elated.

Being that the score release occurred the week before a holiday weekend, it made the wait to get my score feel even longer. Crazy the anxiety waiting for a test score can create … but nonetheless, the news was worth the wait. ?

Failing three of four on my first round attempt wreaked havoc on my confidence. I started to question my ability to continue the process. But since I am not a quitter, this was not an option.

Passing my second exam was the confidence boost I needed to regroup and refocus for FAR. Being halfway to CPA is an amazing motivator!!!

When I think about what I did differently this time, it was all about NINJA Notes, NINJA Audio and the Wiley Test Bank. (Thanks Jeff!)

First time around, I solely used a different review course. Since I had recently took Audit, I didn’t watch the lectures a second time, but focused more on rewriting the NINJA Notes and obsessively doing Wiley MCQs.

I moved back and forth between Wiley and my review course MCQs. They seemed to be very different, so I felt like that gave me a little more variety. I would do 10 question quizzes sporadically throughout my workday while listening to the NINJA Audio. Often I would zone out, but the occasional “fact nugget” would stick.

I am planning on using this same approach for FAR, but will watch the lectures again since I originally took this exam in November. I just finished the first chapter lectures and MCQs, not too far along in the process, but am hoping to make some progress this next week.

Lack of childcare has put quite a cramp in my studies, which may force me to push my exam from July to August, something the next couple weeks will determine for me …

Until next time, best wishes NINJAs!!!





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