Video: NINJA Monthly Feedback


Michelle says “Jeff, No question. Just thank you for NINJA CPA Review Monthly. This is an amazing way to utilize the NINJA program.” Thank you, Michelle, and I didn't have to include that but I really wanted to. Can't imagine why. 😉

Free NINJA CPA Review Materials

Want to Study Less & Get Higher CPA Exam Scores?

Can I send you $162.12 of Free CPA Review Materials that will help you…

  1. Study Less
  2. Avoid Common CPA Candidate Mistakes
  3. Get Higher Scores
  4. Spend More Time with Friends and Family
  5. Finally Pass and Get On With Your Life?






One comment on “Video: NINJA Monthly Feedback”

  • Hello Mr. Jeff,

    I will be starting my journey to CPA by next year. I have to take one accounting class and then I will be able to sit for CPA exam. I do have some queries, if you could please guide:-

    1. What review course will you recommend. Should I take Roger or Wiley CPA? Will you courses be sufficient to pass the CPA Exams? Or your course is aligned to review courses to make you pass.

    2. I am going to be 40 years and people always say CPA is hard and people give up, do you still think will I be able to achieve my dream.

    Any words of motivation or encouragement will be a blessing.


    Navneet (Navy)

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