Scratch That: No More Paper and Pencil Allowed for CPA Exam

Start getting used to the smell of dry erase markers.

Apparently CPA Exam security measures are being tightened at exam centers.

In the past – candidates would get a few pencils and some scratch paper (which you had to turn in before you left).

Those days appear to be over.

Dry erase “noteboards” and markers are replacing pencil and paper.

Check out this discussion on the Another71 Forum

An reader also e-mailed me and said NASBA sent them this:

CPA Examination Candidate,

Effective January 1, 2013, in lieu of scratch paper and pencils, candidates will be provided with two double sided, laminated, colored sheets called “noteboards,” as well as a fine point marker for making notations.

Candidates will be directed to write their examination Launch Code (from their NTS) on their noteboards. Candidates cannot bring any paper or pencils to the workstation in the testing room.

If needed, candidates may request additional noteboards from the test center staff, but candidates must first turn in the original noteboards they received in order to get a new supply.

Candidates will be required to return the noteboards to the test center staff when their examination is complete.

For additional information, please refer to the Candidate Bulletin.

There are some choice responses to this change in the CPA Exam Forum.

Update: 12/21/12

NASBA issued the following statement:

Please note:

Each noteboard is a two-sided laminated piece of paper. It is NOT a dry-erase board. The marker is a very fine point, non-smudging marker, suited to write on the laminated surface.

Candidates will be issued two noteboards at check-in (four full page sides). Candidates may swap out noteboards at any time during the exam. If you use up all four sides, simply ask for two more noteboards and turn in the used ones.

The change to noteboards is an additional security measure.





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