Video: Number of CPA Exam Questions Per Day

09 May 2018

CPA Exam Study Tips



Alright, first up is Ninja Ashley. “When you study for a CPA Exam section, was there a specific or target number of multiple choice questions that you completed per day? I'm looking for a specific number if you have one. I currently set up blocks of questions by section. There are four blocks. Each block contains six sections in various orders. I selected my block order based on which sections I am strongest in and which section I need to strengthen my proficiency. Based on the block I shared, you can see that regulation sections two and six are my weaker sections. I would love your thoughts on my current process to get through multiple-choice questions and any general feedback to base my questions on and how many questions I should complete each night.”

Okay. I don't have a set number of multiple choice questions that you should do per day. However, the AICPA has said that the average CPA candidate spends two minutes per question on the exam. That's under exam conditions, and that's when you are ready to roll on exam day.

If it takes you two minutes to do a question on exam day, then let's say it's going to take you maybe 3, 3 1/2, 4 minutes per question while you study because you're taking notes, you're looking over each answer or explanation, and so if you can do three minutes per question, that is 20 questions per hour.

If you study three to four hours per day, so that's 60 to 80 questions per day. While you're in the MCQ phase, if you're spending 2 to 2 1/2 weeks on your non-step MTQ, you can pretty much budget what you're going to do there. Let's say in any given section it has 1,500 multiple choice questions. Well, you can do the math there. I guess, you should be doing 60 questions per day minimum, but I know some people do a lot.

We used to have the Ninja Weekend Challenge where people would do like 500 questions in a weekend, so that's like over two days. You can do a lot more than 60.

So, 60 CPA Exam questions per day should be your minimum.

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