Pass the CPA Exam…Accounting graduates are hitting the job market

Someone left this link in a comment to another post and I found it highly relevant today (and perhaps even more so given the current state of the job market) even though it was written mid-2008.

Accounting graduates are flooding the streets according to CFO magazine (a subscription to the mag is free, by the way and is an easy way to pique the curiosity of your brown-nosing co-worker who will throw anyone under the bus if they feel it will make them look good to management…

“what? he's reading CFO magazine? why don't I get CFO magazine? does he think he's going to be CFO or what??? grrrrrr…did the company pay for the subscription? I bet they did. why didn't I get one? that's it – I'm done with this place…no one appreciates ME!!!” )

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but being a CPA will set you apart from your peers who are not CPAs. I passed the exam back in November and it's already opened a door internally that wouldn't have been open for me if I was still trying to get through this exam.

Study study study – get this Exam over with. Being a CPA won't make you completely bullet-proof in this job market, but at least you're wearing a vest.

Hear that sound? Newly graduated, lower-paid reinforcements are on the way.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user idg under this Creative Commons license.

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Anonymous 12 years ago

Thanks for the info on CFO Magazine. Always good to find new sources of information.

Anonymous 12 years ago

Have you ever had a co-worker grudge you because you passed the exams and/or are taking them? I've witnessed it with my boss (an older guy) who tries to belittle the CPA exams.

Anonymous 12 years ago

By the way, my boss is NOT a CPA. 12 years ago

I haven't had any bad co-workers like that. The only jealousy I've felt is from co-workers who don't have a degree. Awkward!

Your boss mocks the exam because he feels insecure b/c he's not a CPA. My guess is that it's something that's haunted him for years.

Just quietly go about the exam's too bad that you couldn't have a boss who celebrates your accomplishments, but that's life I guess.

Anonymous 12 years ago

Yes, I think that's what it is. I only divulged the fact that I was taking the exam during my interview process. Then afterwards he would make little comments like, "You know what CPA stands for?....Can't Prove Anything!"

LOL.....not sure what's funnier....the misguided acronym or his insecurity.

Anonymous 12 years ago

the CPA is over blown but it is important and shows you like being tortured and put your self through more pain and suffering then just the plain ole accountant that got a degree

a good worker can be a cpa or non-cpa
and the same goes for a bad worker they can be a cpa or non-cpa

I wouldn't knock any new school mid-90's to present accountant that has a CPA but the old school vintage paper and pencil CPA is nothing to brag about I mean like lets be real the test was comical back then compared to the high standards and quality review process.

Anonymous 12 years ago

this is a funny website and all too true for accountants:

Anonymous 12 years ago

i like the response to eating hours on that site woohoo for a normal person

Alexbmn 12 years ago

I know this question is completely irrelevant to this particular topic,so my apologies for that but anyway, Jeff when you were studing for FARE using Yaeger were you doing only the MCQs and SIMS that they assigned or everything in Wiley?

Anonymous 12 years ago

I've felt a little awkwardness from co-workers that are older than I and don't have a degree. There will always be those that are motivated differently than we are, and are satisfied with out a higher education or a CPA license. I guess they see your excitement and begin to feel like they've missed the boat and are missing out perhaps.