REG – October/November 2008 Window

22 Sep 2008


Any score update info and all REG comments regarding the Oct/Nov 2008 test window (studying as well as exam results) will take place here. This saves people the trouble of having to read multiple posts on the topic.

1. No posting of actual exam info (hints included)
2. For legal reasons, if you think that company X has horrible material and you failed miserably using them, please don't mention them.

If your comment doesn't follow these loose guidelines, I won't be able to post it.

As always – thank you for reading.

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Andrew Greber 16 years ago

Hello, I am planning on taking the REG section within the Oct/Nov window and have been using the Yaeger course for about a month now. The program is amazing and covers a lot, breaking the materials down into easy to follow pieces. I congratulate you on the 92 score that you received. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Anonymous 16 years ago

For REG do we have to memorize the inflation adjusted amounts? Like the standard deduction, section 179 expense, etc? 16 years ago

No - in fact, the only thing like that I would memorize is the $125k/500k rule for 179. They tend to not test on standard deductions and inflation-adjusted requires them to update their MCQ database too much.

Vlad 16 years ago

What do you thing is a reasonable time needed to study to pass the REG in a situation like this:full time worker, 2 kids. I know everybody is different, I'm an average person.. not so dumb, not a genius. Thanks for the input

Blake 16 years ago

I just took Reg today...studied using was my second time. The first time I got a 74. I don't feel too good about it. I think the first testlet and the third testlet were medium difficulty. The middle one was harder than those.

I didn't finish one of the sims...maybe 75% done. I hope that one gets thrown out. I'll keep my fingers cross, but I dont feel too good about this....I studied my heart out. Heartbreaking 16 years ago

hey - people leave the exam everyday feeling miserable and end up passing with plenty to spare. No worries, man.

Anonymous 16 years ago

What is the recommended time to be spent on each testlet and the sims? I know the test is 3 hours, whats the breakdown?

Anonymous 16 years ago

I have the same question! Anyone? 3 hours seem nothing...How can you tackle those simulations? It took me 2.5 hours to work sims on AUD!! 16 years ago

REG is probably the worst exam in terms of time management. They only give you 3 hours to cover 72 MCQs and two sims.

Ideally, you would have 50 minutes per sim, which only leaves you a little over a minute per MCQ. This is not reality.

In all likelihood, you'll spend about 35 minutes per MCQ testlet, 50 on your first sim and about 25 on your second sim. It took me 4x to get through REG and I was consistently left with 15-25 minutes to finish the last sim and I never fully finished it. I got close this last time...I left one tab unanswered.

You can plan all you want, but you will encounter frustrating questions that leave you seeing red because you can't get any of the answers to work out and before you know it - you've spent 5 minutes on ONE question. After you hit the 3 minute mark - you have to move on. Guess B or C and keep going. If you nit-pick every question, you'll fail for sure.



Is what you will encounter, give or take. You will probably fly through the 1st testlet...the 2nd will be harder because you're doing well and the 3rd will take longer due to difficulty (if you're doing well still) and fatigue. You will hit a wall somewhere in the early 3rd testlet and you have to "push" on through it so to speak.

They key is to move on physically and emotionally after encountering difficult questions. If you keep thinking "I didn't know that last one...I'm going to fail" - you will have a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Anonymous 15 years ago

To all those who have passed Reg:

I am using Becker and using Wiley for MCs

What kind of scores were you guys getting on:

BECKER-hw, test 1 & 2
Wiley-multiple choice Qs

I haven't scheduled my test yet but I am trying to take it by the last week of OCT-beg of NOV

I dont know if I am ready or not though. PLEASE HELP!


Anonymous 15 years ago

has anyone received their scores yet for REG? I took it on October 3rd. Thanks!

Anonymous 15 years ago

I took my test Oct 1st and don't have my score.

2nd timer 15 years ago

First round of scores won't be out until at least November 14. Only 70% of REG scores (between Oct. 1 and Nov. 7) will be in that release. The rest will be in the December release. Illinois Board of Examiners does a great job of updating score releases.

Megan 15 years ago

Thanks for having this website! It's nice to know people are struggling as much as I am. My co-workers are breezing through the exams like it's no big deal! So frustrating.

Blake- I pretty much had the exact same situation as you. Got a 74 my first time, studied my heart out again, and left feeling worse than the first time. I am crossing my fingers for a particular simulation to be graded.

Ed 15 years ago


Thanks for the website!

So Im waiting on my Oct 1 REG results, and I noticed your website says the first wave will be out on Nov 17th..... How do you know this!?!?!

Im going to check Nov 17th 12:01 AM...... 15 years ago

Ed -

The Illinois State BOA website does a good job of keeping candidates informed. They get released to IL and then IL puts the scores on their website. If they come in on the 17th, then sometime during the working day, they'll be up on the IL website for IL candidates.

Now, candidates like me whose BOA uses NASBA to post scores online will have to wait a day or two after that because they have more scores to deal with. If your state BOA post scores to their own site - you will get them sooner than someone who has to check NABSA. Click the Score Release Info link on the left side of my page and it will take you to the IL BOA update page. No need to check at won't be there yet.

Matt 15 years ago

REG Candidate Performance avg report for Q3 is as follows.
Ethics and Responsibilities 76
Business Law 77
Tax Procedures 76
Property Transactions 77
Individal Taxation 77
Entity Taxation 78

How this adds up to an avg 75 is anyones guess.

Anonymous 15 years ago

I got the NTS for 2 parts and unfortunately could not take either in the designated window. Now my software for prep course expire in January and I am soo pissed.
Any remedy some thing that would help me out !!

I have not even opened the package for one of the parts and the other I opened bu never had a chance to start.

this is so expensive I am going to cry !!

chris 15 years ago

So I just found out that I got a 71 on REG. I plan on taking it again in the beginning of January. I have Becker 2008, do you guys think that I need to get the 09 book or not? I know that there is new tax rules every year but I'm not sure if much will change for the test because we don't usually have to memorize specific numbers that change year to year. I really don't want to have to listen to the lectures and highlight again, I am thinking I will be ok just using the 08 material again. Also, if changes will be made to the tests (that goes for all of them), when and how will they be officially announced?

Benjamin 15 years ago

Anonymous - have you tried calling the software company and extending the life of the materials? You don't always have to purchase new materials, sometimes you can just buy a password that enables the software to work.

Try that.