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12 Jul 2012

NINJA CPA Review, REG, Wiley CPA

By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


This week has been another uneventful, yet productive study week. I feel like I am almost ready to schedule my exam and get this thing over with.

My goal is to get done with my rematch of REG, then jump straight into BEC. As I stated in my previous posts, I have been using the NINJA method to study for REG, and I really think that things are going well for me.

I do not settle for mediocre performance on question sets. If I get less than 80% I go through all my materials again, and look for the missing pieces. What is more important, I am able to pinpoint which specific topic is causing me to miss questions, then I really focus on that subject before I attempt the MCQs again.

This has been especially helpful, for example, when I was working on commercial paper. I was getting the personal and real defenses mixed up, and that was causing me to miss too many multiple choice questions. So, I got out my notebook and wrote down the real defenses several times…more like 10-15 times until those defenses were drilled into my mind. Then when I attempted the multiple choice questions again.

I also have found that it is helpful complete a 72 question assessment over all topics covered to date, every other day. This keeps me from forgetting important rules from the tax topics which defeated me the first time I took REG.

I became a Wiley MCQs user this week as well. Even though my own review course license does not expire for a few months, I have found that I like the statistical analysis Wiley provides. It helps me to pinpoint my weak areas quickly. In addition, I can choose which type of questions the test bank will give me, this way I can omit questions I have seen before and gotten right.

One major good thing about my study strategy, that I have not mentioned before, is that I have an excellent support system. My husband fully supports my need/drive to study, and he almost never wants to do activities that are more fun than studying which will pull my attention/focus from studying. I feel that this level of commitment from my husband as great motivation to keep working hard, so that we can go back to enjoying life outside of studying.

In the mean time NINJAs, let's get back to the books/videos/notes/MQCs. I hope everyone has a productive week.

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Good luck with your studying Tori!