REG Rant – July/August 2008

If you sat for REG during the July/August window and want to share a success story or vent some frustration, please do so. Any thoughts or insights you share can be beneficial to current or future candidates.


1. No disclosing or hints about actual exam content
2. For legal reasons if you failed with review company X and think they're horrible, please don't name them

Any comments that don't follow these loose guidelines won't be posted.

This may be a success…or may be stupid…if it helps people cope with the exam, I'm willing to try it.

Thanks everyone.

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Anonymous 13 years ago

I am a bit fustrated! I took the REG exam on 8.12 in NJ, still no results.

Anonymous 13 years ago

After having failed the REG test 4 previous times with scores ranging from 68-72, I took the test again in August. I left that test as mad as I have ever been. There was so much on there, I had not seen before, I had never seen sims that hard, and honestly thought I had a chance at 50. I knew I hadn't passed. I said if I didn't pass AUD in October, I was done with it(though at that time it was all said in colorful four letter words).

My score came in the mail yesterday. 79. I don't know how I passed, but I have now my passed first test. I can study even harder now, and pass the other 3. I was really, really doubting if I could ever do it, but now I have hope. I've taken this test more times than I care to count, and spent more time and money than I care to remember.

Even if you don't pass the first time, or the 10th, just keep getting up, and perserving.

3 sections to go, but I'm feeling alot better about it.

FFKL22 13 years ago

NY Results were posted today for REG...sept 19, 2008 - good luck!

Eric 13 years ago

Took it in May, got a 73. Took it again in August, got a 66. Going the wrong way here, folks...not good! FARE expires in Jan...uh-oh. This is my last one, so here's hoping that the third time is the charm!

Anonymous 13 years ago

Passed REG with 77, this is goalcpa from the CPAnet forum and wanted let you know that I passed and thank you for your support, just knowing when I am getting my results was a big relief

Anonymous 13 years ago

just curious if any of you were in that 23% that was just released... the "close to cut-off" people. did you end up passing? were you really close to 75? I am looking for hope with my audit score that is in that 23%... 13 years ago

goalcpa - congrats...REG is a big weight off of your shoulders. To me, the wait for scores is worse than studying itself.

Nice job.

trexmethy 12 years ago

hmm... thank you.

UFbrett 12 years ago

I guess, I'll be the first person to rant in this section.

I took REG 7/10 and I am not feeling to good about my score. The simulations were pretty hard, but I got hit hard on the communications tab. Both questions were very detailed and I had to make my best educated guess on each question.

What kind of partial credit do you think I can receive on communication?

Other than that. I will be eargerly waiting to see my score. This is my last section, and I hope I passed.

another71 12 years ago

haha - this is from 2008 and the previous comments didn't transition over
into the new comment system. :)

UFbrett 12 years ago

I was wondering why no one had commented in here yet. I guess I just missed that big 2008 title, haha

Jones047 12 years ago

I take REG on wednesday 09/26 and this is my first section. Any last minute study advice?

Jones047 12 years ago

I take REG on wednesday 09/26 and this is my first section. Any last minute study advice?

Medhanbeyesus 12 years ago

Hello! Jeff, I wanted to buy the REG Cram but I am confused as to the price in your web site and Yaeger web site the price is unrelated. Your price with discoutn shows $94 to $149,however, when I called Yaeger to buy the REG CRAM it is $230 with your $5 discount.Would you please clarify the discrepancies that I mentioned above. I am in a process to study for the last stand on Regulation on May 31/2010. Thank you,

Jeff - 12 years ago

Sorry for the mix up...the Yaeger site is correct...I failed to update my page. The crams range from $120-$220 with the A71CRAM discount code. -Jeff

CG 11 years ago

I took REG on August 30 and found it to be the hardest exam I've taken of them all, and I've taken REG once before. Granted, I have no score yet, but this last attempt made me feel like I did worse than my first attempt. I've passed all three of the others, but my FAR score will expire on October 31. So, I have time to retake REG a third time if need be. My problem is this: the material on the REG section seems to be difficult to retain. I have more of a GAAP brain and as such, I seem to learn concepts better that are based on principles and logic rather than those that require just straight memorization. REG is definitely more of the latter. REG just seems to run together in one big run-on to be memorized, and the difference between when you're supposed to use NBV over FMV or when an offer is irrevocable under the UCC vs. common law blah blah do you keep it all straight? I've now seen most of these concepts 10 or 20 times in my study sessions and can't seem to keep it all straight, be it on practice questions or the actual exam (as actual performance clearly has indicated). What have others of you out there who've struggled with REG done that's helped bridge the gap? I don't really mean what study materials are better than others. I really am referring to HOW have others of you studied differently for REG than the other exams.