Tax Day is over … Freedom, Right?

22 Apr 2011

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April 18th was a day of huge relevance this year for me in my profession. Am I locked in my office doing taxes?

Nope, at the doctors office with my 2 year old who was running a 103 fever today. Is someone playing a cruel joke on me on Tax Day?

Surely not!

Still, I did end up going by my office for a short time, with my little one in my lap, while finishing my last few extensions and tax returns. All the while thinking, wasn't I supposed to have a few hours of studying tonight? After a long day and weekend, the last thing I want to think about is studying! I've been up all night with the baby, making sure he was comfortable and cool and properly medicated. I am absolutely worn out.

Meanwhile phone calls are coming in with everyone saying, “aren't you happy that tax season is over?”

Sure, I guess, but that means 2-4 hours of studying every night and 8-10 hours on the weekend. Awesome, super awesome. Psyched.

I DO need to get psyched. I need to get pumped. My Roger CPA Review study material is here. My laptop is ready. My notepad is ready to go. I even have off tomorrow to have my first study day. Will I study?

Let's see how the little one is and I'll let you know next week!

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Allyson 13 years ago

Right there with you, Mari, only my boy was vomiting and he at least waited until after the 18th. I had the CRAZY idea that I would start studying BEC last weekend because surely we would be done with taxes, however, were non-stop busy until Monday evening. When people ask if I am happy tax season is over I just say, "I'd rather be working than studying". I have jumped right back into studying before I got the slightest taste of free time, or else I would not do it. Hope your little one feels better. Apparently mine does because he just ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny.