Sing-a-Long CPA Review

28 Apr 2011

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Virginia is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

Ever find that the mnemonics published in your CPA Review course just don’t click with you? Whenever I have trouble remembering something specific related to any topic I think back to what I still remember from high school or days way in the past. The one thing that always sticks with me is that fact that I can still recite the quadratic formula from 9th grade math.

While I can’t tell you what to use this formula for anymore, or really any of the details behind it, I can recite it exactly still to this day. Why is that? My 9th grade math teacher, Mr. Stock, taught us the formula to a childhood song. It has forever stuck with me. One of my older sisters had the same math teacher, and I recently asked her if she still remembered the formula. She laughed, and sang it to me. It works!

If there is something I am really having trouble with, I remember how well I know that quadratic formula and find a song to attach whatever topic I’m struggling to remember to. I may be singing the tune to Old McDonald or Pop Goes the Weasel in my head during my exam, but hey, it works for me. Now if only they would publish a sing-along CPA review CD. Ha!

My problem now is figuring out what are the most important things to be “singing” during my exam. More importantly I have to remember how much I want to be done with this exam to keep myself completely focused on studying and reviewing my REG materials. It’s the final REG countdown for me. What I would give to just pass this time. How about giving up my life for the past however many weeks, and all the other times I took REG? Ok, done.


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Name (required) 13 years ago

Virginia, Here's what worked for me. I studied everything in my materials. Read, watched videos, and then did the MCQ's and Sims. I did not waste any time with making my own notes or other things to help me remember one topic. I spent 22-25 hours a week for 6 weeks for REG. Then, during final review week I did all MCQ's again (also reading the description on why that is the correct answer on each one). There were over 1200 of these suckers. I used my review material study review book (the one that goes with the videos) as my weekly review to help retain what I have studied. I got a 92 on REG. This is the only section I did all the MCQ's twice. The only section I had to retake was AUD, which I only had to retake one time. Good Luck.

Jason 13 years ago

TT BPO 75 or 90