I am now on Twitter… and you can add me to your follow list if you would like. Twitter will allow me to write little blurbs that don't necessarily warrant a full post.

My twitter updates are listed along the right sidebar of the blog.

As always, thanks for reading.


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Junior 12 years ago

Why does your first tweet say BEC in 4 days? I thought you passed everything already?

Anonymous 12 years ago

that msgs means grades will be out then 12 years ago

Sorry for the confusion...I was referring to BEC Wave 2 scores...

Anonymous 12 years ago

Hey Jeff,
What about REG? 12 years ago

REG should be out Jan 23rd

Anonymous 12 years ago

Junior 12 years ago

Got it, thanks for the clarification!! :)

Anonymous 12 years ago

Hi Jeff - I'm having problems accessing your twitter feed. I was able to view it until very recently (this AM). I'm not sure if it's twitter or me, but I wanted to let you know since it's so helpful while waiting for scores!

Anonymous 12 years ago

NM... must have been my computer. I can see the twitter feed now :) Thanks!

Anonymous 12 years ago

Hello another71,
Any update on the REG scores?

Dorothy 12 years ago

HELP!! I read Jeff's how to pass/study FARS etc and it is great. I am wondering though whether I should be employing some alternative strategy? I have passed three sections (with one soon to expire)and today I found out that I failed FARS for the third time! My grades with Becker: 72 and 63. This time I used Yaeger Home Study and received a 67. I am beyond disgusted!!! Any advice? I feel like I gave it my best, studied the way the instructors said to study and followed the notetaking advice etc. But I am obviously doing soemthing wrong. Maybe I feel drained and have somehow lost sight of the ultimate goal? Should I rewatch the DVD course or just do questions? Should I give myslef as much study time as possible and schedule the exam for May or just push myself and sit in April? Thank you everyone!!