CPA Exam Scores Update: Where are the scores?

15 Dec 2009


All is quiet on the CPA Exam front. The AICPA has not released any Wave 2 BEC scores.

The 16th will be the latest that I can remember them releasing Wave 2 BEC scores and I've been tracking CPA Exam score releases for over a year.

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Pat 14 years ago

This sucks. Thanks for all your hard work.

Marcus 14 years ago

Where is everyone posting comments? I remember in waves past there were hundreds of comments??? They were enjoyable to read while everyone was waiting. Let me know.

B 14 years ago

Check the forums Marcus

DWS 14 years ago

Marcus... I kind of agree w/you... I think I preferred the rolling type of comments... they were fun to read. The forums are fun too... but, I think I liked it better "pre-forum!

Jeff - 14 years ago

Marcus - the comments have all switched to the forum...10,000+ comments since September's launch. It was blog had become a quasi-forum and with the new forum, people can start their own topics. -Jeff

DWS 14 years ago

Jeff... I sort of figured that's why you changed the format... there were LOTS of comments... enjoy your site!