Why is the new REG so … un-passable?

14 Apr 2011

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Reading Jeff’s post that REG passing scores dropped in Q1 did not surprise me. I took REG for the third time in January 2011. I definitely feel that I was the most prepared for REG last January when I took that exam compared to the two previous times (74, 70). I’m not sure if I was surprised I failed (remember my “TBS: Totally Blew-it Simulation” blog post?).

I was definitely surprised that I received my worst REG score yet.

So what is it about the new REG that has us all hitting the books again?! That question is what is really bothering me. I need to be able to answer that to make sure I pass this time.

I take notes throughout my study course and along the way have improved this technique. For instance, I make sure I write exactly what the review course says and write legibility. There’s no sense in wasting time during my final review wondering what it was I meant to write. I am making a new set of notes this time around, but using my notes from last January to help me along the way.

I noticed from my previous notes made—as I reference my notes to which study units I’m studying at the time—that I have no notes for Gleim study units 4-9. Apparently I thought I really knew that stuff on those topics. The AICPA let me know otherwise.

I did receive my paper score in the mail for FAR which is just a sigh of relief knowing they didn’t post my online score wrong. Hey, you never know right? But I have yet to receive my REG paper score. Is that weird? Taking their time to put it in ink that “hey there sucker, you failed…again!” If more of us pass, they’ll have less score notices to send, saving money on paper, ink and postage. Just helpful ideas to trim the budget of course. ?

Right now I’m just over the half way point of my review course. I’m deep into tax and it definitely reminds me of why I became an auditor and why I loathe personal tax questions.


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