How to Pass Auditing (when you’ve never done an audit…)

Auditing scared me to death.

I?ve never done an audit in my life, nor did I know the slightest thing about auditing prior to passing that section of the CPA Exam.

However, I scored a 69 on my first try without really studying.

My NTS was running out and I had to take it or lose it, so I took Auditing the same day as another exam I had studied for (I ended up failing that one too).

The fact that I scored a 69 the first time still baffles me to this day, because I didn?t deserve a score that high.

I passed Auditing on my second try with a 79 through memorization. I memorized everything that I could ? the steps to an audit, management assertions, etc.

The questions on Auditing can be very subjective and you find yourself staring at two answers that both seem correct. You have to choose the ?most correct? answer.

I derived my answers by frantically writing down all of my mnemonics on my scratch paper prior to beginning my exam. With that said, keep in mind that if you take too long, your exam session will lock, so you must do this quickly ? i.e. within 3-4 minutes and then get started.

During the exam, I referred back to my mnemonics constantly and answered the questions accordingly.

There are also a number of topics such as internal control that you can only learn by doing countless multiple choice questions.

If you work enough questions, eventually you will build a base of knowledge about auditing on subjects like internal control where mnemonics don?t really work that well, and you will be able to successfully answer the questions on the exam.

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futureCPA86 11 years ago

When I first took Audit (which was my first section of the CPA exam)I got an 68. I must say I didn't feel as prepared for the exam as I do now. I am now studying for it again and memorizing a lot of stuff. How do you know when you feel ready for the exam. I take mine 5/17. Thanks

BadLuck47 11 years ago

I feel your pain except I can't pass this terrible test and I have a masters in auditing! AH! 1st Attempt: 68 2nd Attempt: 71 I will tell you one thing, on testlet #1 on the second attempt, I dominated! Guess they thought I was too smart for my own good, because the questions got SO incredibly difficult afterward I wanted to die right in my seat and have the Prometrics people scrape me out of the seat like gum stuck to your tennis shoe. My third and hopefully final time is on July 3rd. I am using Becker and Tim Gearty's lectures are like listening to "This is the song that never ends" from Barney. Yes, I want to die.

Andrea 11 years ago

haha! oh no!! how do you feel you did? I take mine today eeekkkk! :) Best of luck!

ethan 11 years ago

Its the communication part that I sh*t on. My English is not that good and writing this love letter to the examiner seems never ending. Anyway going to try it again first time got 67.

BadLuck47 11 years ago

"Love letter to the examiners" HA! That is a great one! I always feel tempted to write something in there to them like, "I am so you are having to read thousands of these miserable letters to whomever telling them whatever. Please be gentle on me..." I am now awaiting my test results from July 3rd. I feel like the results will never get posted. Perhaps so many people are taking this darn thing that the cushion they place on the score will be good enough to pass us finally! I will let you know how I do once I find out... Until then, here I go listening to Tim in Becker for REG round 3 (73 twice now)--3rd time is the charm!

BadLuck47 11 years ago

I passed AUD! Third time is a charm!!