10 Things I “Liked” in 2010

10 Dec 2010

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

(Not necessarily in any order)

10. Apple TV – I took my Mac addiction (iMac, Macbook Pro, Time Capsule, 2 iPods, and an iPhone 4) to my living room. I got rid of cable (we were only watching it because we were paying like $120 a month and felt like we had to DVR stuff that looked moderately interesting and then watch it) and am exclusively on Netflix and their unlimited streaming. Well, that plus the season pass to The Office.

9. Dave Ramsey – I am a huge huge huge fan/disciple of Dave Ramsey and his framework (the Baby Steps) for getting out of debt. Just like my Mac addiction, I tell everyone I know about Dave and I have yet to run into someone who tried his program and said they liked their old way of doing things better. In March, I spent a week in Nashville and became trained as a Financial Counselor from his staff (attn future CPAs, you also get 35 hours of NASBA-approved CPE for this).

8. Amazon.com's iPhone App – This thing will forever change the way I buy stuff. Period. I rolled into a big box retailer the other day with a mission: buy Inception on BluRay. $29 for the BluRay, regular DVD, and digital copy for my Mac. Not bad. Just for kicks, I took out my iPhone and scanned it with Amazon's bar code reader app. $18 with free 2 day shipping (I'm a PRIME member).

With a few clicks, I stood there in the store and bought it on my iPhone for $11 cheaper and walked out. I'll never pay retail again.

7. Coffee – No explanation needed.

6. Google Translator – Someone had the great idea to start a thread for Spanish-speaking candidates on the Forum. I now generally know what you're saying 🙂

5. Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts – Well, maybe. Not a done deal as of this writing.

4. Great MusicKings of Leon's “Come Around Sundown” (it took me about 20 listens to get used to it, but it has become one of my favorite KOL albums (“Because of the Times” being #1). Lecrae's “Rebel” also often finds itself on repeat. If you haven't yet, check out Rhapsody. For $12 a month for unlimited music. You really cannot beat it. I only buy albums I really like on iTunes now. It also lets me close the doors and windows and occasionally blare Gaga's “Po-Po-Po-Poker Face” in secret.

3. Giving Stuff Away – I gave away both an iPad and a Macbook Air in 2010, neither of which I own myself. It was totally fun. I'm looking forward to giving away more iPads for Christmas.

2. Facebook – I'm on Twitter, but I'm not a Twitter guy. I prefer Facebook for interacting with people. Thank you to everyone over at the Another71.com Facebook page. You're a fun group.

1. The New Club 75 Site – We quickly outgrew that Google Group in 2009 and oddly enough, are about to outgrow the Club 75 site that was launched in April 2010. Another site upgrade is coming in 2011. I'm just glad I didn't call it “Club 71 like I originally planned. 🙂

I hope your 2010 has been great. Thank you for making Another71.com your go-to source for CPA Exam information.

Here's to serving you in 2011,


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MBK 14 years ago

hey now, twitter>fb !

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

With Twitter, you have people creating multiple accounts, RT their own tweets...spamming hash tags...ridiculous.

Annie 14 years ago

My husband and I love Dave Ramsey! Happy to know about the CPE credits! Thanks :)