2017 CPA Study Materials

In order to achieve optimum success while preparing for the arduous CPA examination, it is important to learn about as many types of CPA study material(s) as possible. A number of them exist in the marketplace. All offer something unique that can enhance any learning experience. This article will discuss some of the more popular learning tools existing in the CPA preparation world.

Free CPA Review

First of all, it is important to know that there are very few truly free materials available in the marketplace. There is no such thing as a bunch free CPA examination questions or free practice questions. Sorry.


There will always be candidates who prefer hard copy book learning. CPA study material(s) publishers realize this and offer this option. Many candidates love turning the paper page, using a physical highlighter to draw attention to troubling areas, and/or having the comfort provided by a real book.


MCQ stands for multiple choice questions. Having the most recent questions available is crucial for passing the CPA exam. The majority of the entire examination consists of AICPA-licensed MCQ content. Understanding the process gives candidates a chance to understand how information is worded, how data is organized, and what study materials is emphasized. Unlimited practice exams, and 253 simulations are included in the NINJA CPA Review package.

MCQ can be purchased as a complete four-part program or as individual segments. Candidates receive free updates until the exam is completely passed.


Notes provide a concise way to learn as much valuable information as possible in the most effective manner possible. Reputable publishers focus on topic areas considered most important by the AICPA, or exam preparers.

Notes are available for purchase as an entire four-part program or as individualized segments. Candidates can buy an 89-page PDF formatted FAR, REG, AUD, and/or BEC section notes.

Many programs have information condensed into powerful segments that optimize a candidate's limited study time. Known as NINJA Blitz by publisher Another 71, candidates can focus on important topics with preciseness and efficiency previously unknown. For more insight into this very popular and powerful studying technique.


Nothing makes life easier for a CPA candidate than quality flashcards. Flashcards can be used at any time, allowing candidates the opportunity to spend time honing the fine points discussed in any, or all, topics. The time savings is priceless, allowing candidates to never waste another precious moment. Put time to better use by carrying these learning devices everywhere.

Flashcards are available for download to smartphones or other electronic devices. Hard copies can be printed, if desired. Use these cards when standing in line, sitting in a traffic jam, or when interested in staying away from meaningless gossip.


CPA exam preparation courses use different software, depending on the publisher. One of the most powerful and efficient software programs used customizes the learning environment to the individual candidate. The software uses adaptive learning technology. Not all publishers/manufacturers utilize this unique technology. NINJA CPA Review does.


Learning comprehension can improve with audio tools. Many candidates choose this method, or use it in combination with other methods. The learning is mobile, with tapes being easily used in car audio systems, or audio clips being easily downloaded onto any mobile device.

NINJA includes free updates until candidates pass the examination. It is nice knowing the tools are available for repeat learning.

Enhance your CPA preparation experience by utilizing as many CPA study material(s) as possible. You can never be over-prepared. Start increasing your confidence and professional knowledge base now. Choose one of the best series of materials by trusting NINJA CPA Review. Find out why it is the chosen source for thousands of candidates.

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