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07 Jun 2008

CPA Exam Strategy

I'm working my way through Yaeger CPA Review's Regulation HomeStudy program and I'm finding that I need to make notes of rules/exceptions so that I won't forget them when I take the Regulation Exam in a month.

This practice will work with any section of the CPA Exam, but is especially helpful I think with Regulation due to the nature of taxation and rules and exception to the rules.

As I watch the video and work my way through the book, instead of taking notes on a piece of paper or writing in the book, I pause the video and type the note in an Excel workbook and make a tab for each module.

If you don't already have a system for taking notes, consider this as a helpful option.

***Update Post***

How I took notes for Regulation…

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Anonymous 16 years ago

Very good suggestion. I had just purchased the Yaegar regulation course and viewed the first module for which your screen shots apply.
You have good notes. I usually make flash cards for this type of material, but like your concept.

cpaexamisruiningmylife 15 years ago

Hi, Can someone please address this concern that I have: I usually go very blank during the written part of the simulations on my practice exams. I have not taken any real exams yet and am worried such might happen to me on the real exam. I was wondering is it possible to use the research section of the simulation to find the relevant information and then use that as a basis to answer the written part? From my understanding, all they are about is your writing style, as long as it is on topic and answers the question. Does that mean it has to be right? I'd be very grateful if someone can address this concern for me. THANKS and good luck to all!