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Video: Eric Thomas – The Secret to Success

Eric Thomas was a high school dropout and was homeless for two years. Today, he has a PhD and is an author and motivational speaker. In these two videos, he’s addressing students at Michigan State University. His words of wisdom are impacting and directly apply to candidates studying for the CPA Exam. Enjoy.

Check out the 2011 Yaeger HomeStudy

If you haven’t yet purchased a 2011 CPA Review Course and were considering Yaeger – check out their HomeStudy. 2011 Four-Part HomeStudy -Complete Set of Video Lectures -4 sets of Wiley books -4 sets of Wiley software -Instructor Handouts -Instructor Hotline -Click: 2011 Single Part HomeStudy -Set of Video Lectures -Wiley book -Wiley software […]

Get Your 2010 CPA Exam Survival Guide

¬†June 2010 Special: FREE CPA Exam Survival Guide Recently, after discovering, I read the book that this website offers, “50 Things You Must Know About The CPA Exam.” … I think the book and the website address some good questions that the websites from NASBA or the AICPA fail to make user-friendly. Ultimately I […]

CPA Exam Study Plan and Progress Tracker

As a former CPA Exam candidate, I understand how hard it is to balance work, family life, and the CPA Exam. I studied for the Exam with three kids. In addition, I think I have a good feel for the amount of time it takes for each exam and how many weeks it takes to […]

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Kherlen Tungalag 13 years ago

I loooooove, Cindy! She is the best teacher I ever had. Dr. Yaeger is very good too, I love them both. I used Yaeger CPA for my FARE,90%, and BEC 80%. Everything I learned from Cindy, I got it right. Thank you Yaeger program

Andy 13 years ago

Jeff@,I am waiting score release of Audit of Colorado(CO) state.Any guess when it would be available.Thanks

Jeff - 13 years ago

Tonight via NASBA probably. Jeff

McCarty 13 years ago

I keep seeing how much love everyone has for the Yaeger review course and I am contemplating switching from Bisk to Yaeger. I bought Bisk for all four sections and have only used it for BEC and AUDIT so far and have failed both. I am waiting on my AUD score tonight. I guess my question is would you tough it out and try Bisk for all 4 before making the switch of software or just do it now? Any suggestions would be great :)

christeen 13 years ago

Everyone has different ways of studying. I used Becker for BEC and failed twice then used Bisk and passed. I also used Bisk for Auditing and passed. I find Bisk to be a good complement with Becker. I haven't tried Yaeger.

Brian 13 years ago

Jeff, any word on REG release?

Andy 13 years ago

Hi, I got my Audit result lastnight from COlorado(CO).Finally i Passed(72,73,70,86). Thanks Jeff for sharing valuable infomation.