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Kherlen Tungalag 14 years ago

I loooooove, Cindy! She is the best teacher I ever had. Dr. Yaeger is very good too, I love them both. I used Yaeger CPA for my FARE,90%, and BEC 80%. Everything I learned from Cindy, I got it right. Thank you Yaeger program

Andy 14 years ago

Jeff@,I am waiting score release of Audit of Colorado(CO) state.Any guess when it would be available.Thanks

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Tonight via NASBA probably. Jeff

McCarty 14 years ago

I keep seeing how much love everyone has for the Yaeger review course and I am contemplating switching from Bisk to Yaeger. I bought Bisk for all four sections and have only used it for BEC and AUDIT so far and have failed both. I am waiting on my AUD score tonight. I guess my question is would you tough it out and try Bisk for all 4 before making the switch of software or just do it now? Any suggestions would be great :)

christeen 14 years ago

Everyone has different ways of studying. I used Becker for BEC and failed twice then used Bisk and passed. I also used Bisk for Auditing and passed. I find Bisk to be a good complement with Becker. I haven't tried Yaeger.

Brian 14 years ago

Jeff, any word on REG release?

Andy 14 years ago

Hi, I got my Audit result lastnight from COlorado(CO).Finally i Passed(72,73,70,86). Thanks Jeff for sharing valuable infomation.