CPA Exam Study Plan and Progress Tracker

12 Jan 2010

CPA Exam Strategy

As a former CPA Exam candidate, I understand how hard it is to balance work, family life, and the CPA Exam.

I studied for the Exam with three kids.

In addition, I think I have a good feel for the amount of time it takes for each exam and how many weeks it takes to fit it all in.

I have developed a CPA Exam study plan that is customizable according to your schedule.

If you're not a morning person, you can adjust the sheet and make up for it elsewhere. If weekends are not an option, you can change that too and the sheet will adjust.

I have also allocated one “night off” each weeknight into the plan.

These plans are realistic and represent what it truly takes to pass the Exam – BUT STILL HAVE A LIFE.

Also – if you only have 3 weeks to do a full study program for your section, you can adjust the plan.

It includes a morning, lunch, evening, and weekend study option.

If studying at lunch isn't feasible, allocate those hours to the evening – or the weekends, wherever they will fit.

Also, each section comes with a topical checklist that allows you to chart your progress for each topic using the Video/Notes/MCQ methodology that I recommend.

This is the study method that I had success with.

Each section is $2.95, or you can buy the complete set for $7.95.

These CPA Exam study plans are now a Club 75 member benefit and people really like them.

To Your Success,


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