Video: BEC Mnemonics – Bad for CPA Exam Prep?

24 Feb 2017




Terry says, “Hi Jeff. Unfortunately, I just got my score back yesterday on BEC and I failed with a 68. Doesn't make much sense to me because I failed BEC back in November with a 73. I could probably recite the formulas and mnemonics to you. At school, I was always a good test taker. I just can't seem to pass these exams. What are your suggestions?”

If you have a lot of mnemonics in your mind for BEC then that might be a problem because often time, mnemonics are memory aids to mask the fact that you haven't internalized the concepts.

And if you're just listening to the podcast, you can't see that I touched my heart there. That's how you internalize, you touch your heart.

All right. So you're using a lot of mnemonics. That could be a problem.

It could be that you don't conceptually understand the material.

You went backwards from a 73 to 68 so you dropped 5 points.

Chances are good that you fell into the usual trap of, “Hey, I'm only two points away so I need to just cram and get back in there.” And that usually results in people scoring lower than before.

You said that you know the formulas. That's good. What I do, I would repeat exactly what you did to score a 73 but this time, I would add the NINJA Framework,

Nail the concepts
Intense notes
Non-stop multiple choice questions
Just re-write your notes
All comes together


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