CPA Exam and the Coronavirus Lockdown – Another71 Podcast #92

cpa exam podcast 92

CPA Exam Study Questions covered on this Podcast:

Sameh – is the percentage of completion still tested on the FAR exam because I found an MCQ about it, I have heard that it is not tested anymore so I want to be sure about that.

Lucy – I barely finished watching Wiley videos for FAR. I am reading the Wiley FAR textbook. I did not start MCQs and Sims of it. I am going to study with the Ninja program after I finish MCQs and Sims. I have CPA Exams scheduled for FAR and AUD in July 2020. What strategy do you recommend to pass FAR and the other three? Please advise me. Thank you

Andy – I am a Ninja Monthly member and just curious about what you think about how COVID-19 will impact the CPA testing as all the centers have been shut down with uncertainty on when it will be re-opened. This makes it difficult for us that want to schedule our study time for test dates (mine got canceled due to COVID) and for expiring scores. I would like to hear your thoughts and strategies you would implement during these times.

Renee – I need some motivation. I failed BEC 5 times. My last score was 73. The first 2 times I took it, I didn’t study enough. But the last three times (71, 64, 73) I really tried. Any suggestions? I lost Reg, passed it again in March. I passed Far and am about to lose AUD.

Luke – I hope all is well during these difficult times.
I just had a question/clarification regarding the Ninja 2020 FAR Simulations List. How exactly was this list made? Are these just the SIMs that have the highest chances of showing up on the FAR exam?

I scored a 65 on my last FAR exam and tried to think of things I need to fix or do differently this time around and I didn't focus much on SIMs the first time around besides watching Becker Skill Master Videos for the SIMs.

So I figured this time around studying I'd supplement with Ninja & allocate more time to practicing SIMs (even though I am still iffy on the time I spend for SIM Studying as we know it is luck of the draw for SIMs you get on Exam and studying for SIMs take up a lot of time).

I plan to use Ninja MCQ last 2 weeks before my CPA Exam. Currently doing Becker MCQ/SIMs/Notes along with Ninja notes. Also, any feedback or advice you have on approaching the FAR retake is appreciated! I am struggling to find confidence in the approach and schedule I have now.

Brenda – Due to this coronavirus I have been unable to do anything for over two week and I had been studying relentlessly since November 2019. Do you have a suggestion to help me get back into so I don’t lose all of the ground I made? My daughter is home and with all the bad news I can’t get back on track.

Odalys – I just want to ask you something. I recently got my score and sadly I failed. The thing is, that was my second try for BEC. The first time I score 63 and my report says I got weaker on the three areas (mcqs, simulations and written communication). This time I got 59 and my report says I got comparable on mcqs and written communication. I cannot understand how I scored less with better performance. I feel so discouraged about it.

Nick – This Coronavius pandemic is totally screwing up my rhythm, I recently took FAR (my last CPA exam) and got a 72. I’m going on my fourth time taking it and I’m so confused/concerned how the pandemic is going help or hurt me. If you could lend any information/advice to me it’d be greatly appreciated!

Dan – Jeff, I had my Audit exam canceled and now a May or June exam date seems more likely. I have Aud, Reg, and Bec left to take. My question is whether you think I should keep hammering Audit for another month or two or start studying for another section (and if so which one) while still reviewing Audit.

Any help you could provide is much appreciated. Thanks for everything!

Britney – I have a question for you. Until July 2020, the REG exam is still testing over the 2019 tax laws, correct?

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