CPA Exam CRAM DVDs by Yaeger CPA Review En Route

I have 2 sets of cram DVDs from Yaeger CPA coming in the mail and I am very excited about them. I also purchased the Wiley CPA texts that go with them.

The “cram” courses cover all of the important topics covered in the Wiley textbooks from start to finish.

I've been doing a lot of studying and I feel like I need that one last onslaught of review prior to taking the exams.

cpa exam cram yaeger cpa review (2)

My plan: Beginning 3 days prior to my exams, I will begin the BEC cram. It's 9 hours long and it will take me from start to finish in the Wiley book and whatever weak areas remain should be fortified at least to a point where I can score a 75. That's all I care about – a 75. I scored a 71 in January.

I will wrap up the BEC cram two days prior to the exam and start with the Regulation cram. The REG cram is a beast (15 hours), which makes sense because Regulation covers a lot of ground between entity taxation and Business Law topics. I'll finish the REG cram sometime around dinner time the night before the exam and will likely call it a night after that. A 24 hour cram binge will deserve some down time prior to my exams the next morning.

As I've shared before, if I don't pass one of these sections, I have to re-take FAR and the prospect of doing that again should cause a person to do WHATEVER it takes to pass. I'm looking forward to getting my cram DVDs…


Link: Yaeger CPA Cram DVDs

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