Motivation after CPA Exam Failure

11 May 2011


How do you stay motivated after failing the CPA Exam? In this video, I look back at my journey and what I learned after overcoming study apathy, back-to-back 74s, and losing my FAR credit.

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HiYa! ~ Jeff


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Name (required) 13 years ago

I see you deleted my post Jeff. I have a family, 2 dogs, a son, a house, and a full-time job in public and passed in 2010. Same responsibilities as many others taking the exam. What many CPA candidates need is a kick in the butt. Something to get them back on their feet. Whether it be the truth about outside perspective or a failing score. Just a side note on what I think can help anyone. When studying/ doing MCQ's, you should understand the material rather than just doing the work. Like when doing a MCQ, really understand the problem and why the answer is what it is before moving on. then during the exam, any curveball you get thrown you will do much better, I guarantee it. Peace Out!!

Allyson 13 years ago

Jeff, Perfect timing. I've had some unproductive study days and seems like everything in my life is half-ass right now. Thanks for creating this video to get me back on track ;)

Name (required) 13 years ago

I have a pregnant wife, a 2 year old, work full time and I passed in one try too, and all in a little under 8 months. It was not easy it required tons of commitment on my end and a very understanding wife who was uncomfortable with pregnancy and a 2 year old I really didn't get to spend any time with.

Name (required) 13 years ago

That's great, Name (required). Accolades to you both. Hence the name of the video, "Motivation After Exam Failure" your inspirational stories really just make us underachievers feel worse. Thanks for that, Name (required and butt kick required)