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23 Sep 2021

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cpa exam motivation

Amy writes in. Okay. I'm back. I failed. I failed with a 73 and a 71. I really am frustrated. I'm not sure how to get myself over the hump. I'm doing all the sections. I feel like I just want this weight off my shoulders getting it done. So when people ask, if I'm a CPA, I can finally not feel like a loser. I can say yes, it's really just a personal goal.

And I want it. I'm having a hard time and back to the drawing board today. Any suggestions? So I've answered this question many times, just from a tactical perspective, but we want to answer this question. So tactical perspective is four to seven weeks follow the ninja study framework.

So I'm gonna tackle this time with a psychological perspective. So the question is, why do you want to. To be a CPA because you mentioned it, a personal goal of yours. It's not going to help you at work. So why do you want to see, why do you want to be a CPA if you want to be a CPA because your grandfather has that goal for you or your father or mother or it's, someone else's goal for you then you're not going to study.

It's if there was someone else's goal for you to run a marathon Like I hate running. That's why I played soccer. I played soccer throughout my life, 30 plus years. I hate running, which is why goalkeeper worked out great for me. I hate running. And so if someone wanted, if someone's goal for me was to run a marathon, I'm not going to work really well.

Unless I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. And then I'm going to get my butt out of bed in the morning, then I'm going to, so I had a relative run a marathon. And so I just, I know this from just following his regimen. Like you just you never actually fully run a marathon and it's three miles, five miles, 10 miles, 13 miles.

Maybe you get up 15 miles or something. I'm like, I'm not going to be. Running 10, 15 miles. If it's someone else's goal to run a marathon, you get the point. If it's, why do you want to be a CPA? If it's your own personal goal. And so even if you said it's your own personal goal but, why?

If it's just because you, don't want to feel like the ACPA has defeated you or it's always going to bother you just because you didn't do it. Or because someone told you that you weren't smart enough to do it, or just because people are just in general and just don't expect it to happen.

They expect you to always be a bookkeeper. So these are all real things. And I, personally, want to be a CPA just because we'll start it out. Why did I get my accounting degree? It's because want my grandfather to be proud of. So he was an accountant. He wasn't proud of me anyway, but I want to be, I want to be just like him.

He was an accountant back in the day, CFO during he went to got his accounting degree during, the depression. I wanted to make him proud. And so why do I want to be a CPA? Part of it was because I wanted him to be proud. And so like that's why when I had to call him and tell him I had failed, it sucked really bad.

That was the worst part of it besides telling my wife, sorry, honey. Another four to six weeks, eight weeks of you watching the kids while I study on a Saturday, that was probably actually worse. But and why do I want to be a CPA? Also, like I had this uncle who has a CPA, I wanted to prove him wrong.

He actually never said I can pass by. I just felt like he thought I couldn't. So all of these things, motivated me to get it up in the. And study those motivated me to study over lunch. Those motivated me to study at night when everyone else is in bed. Those motivated me to study bonds when I want to do anything but that.

So that's how you get over the hump. 73 71, he gets back to the 75. You can always answer the tech, the question tactically, but psychologically the psychological part is actually probably even more important because before you can even get to the, how do you do it? You need to answer the why. Hope that's helpful.

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