2010 Q1 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released

14 Jun 2010

CPA Exam Pass Rates

By Jeff

The CPA Exam pass rates for the First Quarter of 2010 have been released.

Auditing and Attestation:
2009 Q1: 47.61%
2010 Q1: 46.86%

Business Environment and Concepts:
2009 Q1 46.23%
2010 Q1: 46.59%

Financial Accounting and Reporting:
2009 Q1 45.54%
2010 Q1: 44.95%

2009 Q1: 47.96%
2010 Q1: 49.00%

Analysis: Overall, Q1 pass rates are in line with where they were this time last year.

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Rob 14 years ago

Amazingly consistent for a test that the AICPA insists is not curved! Jeff, in your interview of the AICPA they stated that "every candidate’s score is entirely independent of other candidates’ examination results". Doesn't this seem very misleading considering that the AICPA's description of the Item Response Theory seems to indicate that the weight placed on each question in scoring is based on how many other candidates got the question correct? Here is the AICPA document that states that "The difficulty of the test questions are determined through statistical analysis of the candidates response".: https://www.aicpa.org/BecomeACPA/CPAExam/PsychometricsandScoring/ScoringInformation/DownloadableDocuments/How_the_CPA_Exam_is_Scored.pdf

Mike 14 years ago

I passed FAR and AUD in the first window of 2010 and these score releases make me feel even better about how I did. :) Yeah for me and everyone else who is in the 46% bracket....keep studying and don't give up to everyone else!