Q4 2010 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released


The CPA Exam Pass Rates for the Fourth Quarter of 2010 have been released.

Auditing and Attestation:

2010 Q1: 46.86%
2010 Q2: 50.77%
2010 Q3: 49.40%
2010 Q4: 44.89%
2009 Q4: 47.99%
2010 Cumulative: 47.80%

Business Environment and Concepts:

2010 Q1: 46.59%
2010 Q2: 48.88%
2010 Q3: 50.79%
2010 Q4: 44.27%
2009 Q4: 45.65%
2010 Cumulative: 47.29%

Financial Accounting and Reporting:

2010 Q1: 44.95%
2010 Q2: 48.39%
2010 Q3: 52.71%
2010 Q4: 45.02%
2009 Q4: 46.15%
2010 Cumulative: 47.81%


2010 Q1: 49.00%
2010 Q2: 52.07%
2010 Q3: 54.03%
2010 Q4: 47.29%
2009 Q4: 46.57%
2010 Cumulative: 50.66%

Analysis: Q4 2009 was the weakest window of the year as well. However, aside from REG, scores were down from this time last year.

Did the AICPA make the exam harder because they knew people would be flocking to avoid the 2011 exam? Are the numbers down simply because of the massive number of people who took exams in Q4 2010?

We'll never know.

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RDGA 12 years ago

Hey Jeff - When do we get score release predictions for 2011 Q1? I took the exam on Jan 4 and need something (anything) to look forward to. Thanks!

Name (required) 12 years ago

You have a lonngg wait. There will not be a wave 1 release this quarter. All scores will be held and probably released mid-end March. My guess is that they start releaseing March 23. Good Luck!

PassingScore 12 years ago

To add a little more suspense into the already insulted injury, you won't know the passing score until AICPA fully processed all the scores in March. It could be 75, 80, or 70. Ohhh boy....

Natalie 12 years ago

Are there any stats on the percent of ppl who pass all 4 sections on the first attempt?

Name (required) 12 years ago

Just wanted to point out JEFF that I nailed Qtr 1 score release kick-off. I should win something for that. I posted that on Jan. 3. Not bad eh.