CPA Exam Pass Rates

2013 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released; Q4 Worst of Year

The AICPA has released the 2013 CPA Exam Pass Rates for Q4 exams.

The post title and pic is a tad dramatic because it's not that bad.

BEC is up a little vs. Q1, while the rest are down some.

Typically, Q1 is the weakest of the year.

Q1: 45.19
Q2: 48.08
Q3: 46.56
Q4 2013: 42.95
Q4 2012: 44.15

Q1: 53.47
Q2: 55.95
Q3: 58.54
Q4 2013: 54.44
Q4 2012: 50.57

Q1: 47.16
Q2: 49.09
Q3: 51.23
Q4 2013: 45.28
Q4 2012: 45.53

Q1: 47.57
Q2: 49.79
Q3: 49.80
Q4 2013: 46.61
Q4 2012: 46.02

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9 comments on “2013 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released; Q4 Worst of Year”

  • Wish me luck I’m taking REG Jan 28. It’s my last one but if I don’t pass audit falls off. I passed audit with a 75. Theres no way I would pass it now if it falls off. I have to pass REG.

  • I took Far in Q4. I got a 73 and feel that in light of this change to the pass rate I should’ve passed too.

  • Do they publish pass rates split between 1st-time takers and additional-time takers? I’ve got FAR, my last one to pass, scheduled for February so I’m hoping the pass rates improve!

  • I took all four tests during four consecutive weekends in Q4 and passed them all first try. I am thinking that the overall low pass rates must have set the curve low.

  • Hey quick question, let’s suppose if I pass more than one Sections, then does that mean everything expires or Only one of the sections expires if I am not able to clear the last whichever Part it is?

  • I retook on the date that audit expires. It’s also my last exam to pass. If I failed, I’ll be down to credit for one as BEC expires February 6 (when scores are released). Come onnnnn 75!!

  • On the same boat Kelsey. Took FAR on Q4 and got a 74. Still haunts me because it the last one and I have one more attempt before REG gets erased.

  • I took FAR in Q1 of 2014. Hopefully since Q4 was so low, they’ll bump up the pass rate for this quarter! One can wish, right?

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