Q2 2012 CPA Exam Pass Rates Released; BEC Explodes vs 2011

Source: AICPA

Auditing and Attestation:

2012 Q2: 47.81%
2011 Q2: 47.95%
2010 Q2: 50.75%

Business Environment and Concepts:

2012 Q2: 53.17%
2011 Q2: 46.48%
2010 Q2: 48.86%

Financial Accounting and Reporting:

2012 Q2: 46.49%
2011 Q2: 44.27%
2010 Q2: 48.37%


2012 Q2: 49.62%
2011 Q2: 45.01%
2010 Q2: 52.07%

Analysis: Candidates are adjusting to the new (2011) version of the exam. Note the huge improvement in BEC. Are candidates really doing that much better on the Written Communications … or has something changed internally?

Maybe it's all due to the NINJAs. 🙂

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I hope I'm part of BEC passing score. Need it badly.