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enoughwitdis 13 years ago

looks like BEC & FAR went up a lot! Maybe a lot of the recent college grads decided to get FAR out of the way before they start working. BEC? well maybe people are getting the hang of the written communication?

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

New Grads + no tax season probably helps. Nice to see the big swing in BEC grades from Q1.

Need REG 13 years ago

Glad I waited until 2011 to take REG (the last one I needed) :( I have confidence that I passed in this 4th quarter though...4th try is the charm!

Miranda 13 years ago

This makes me really nervous since I take REG next month!

Hey Miranda 13 years ago

Miranda, Who cares how other people did. All you can do is prepare YOURSELF as much as you can.

Jenny 13 years ago

Wow. Does not bode well for score release, but I already felt that way leaving Prometric yesterday afternoon after taking REG.