Another71 CPA Exam Podcast 108

07 Feb 2023

CPA Exam Study Tips

Another71 CPA Exam Podcast

CPA Exam Podcast 108 covers FAR lectures without notes, Passing the CPA Exam without an accounting degree, studying AUD during busy season, passing FAR after Scoring a 32, the best CPA Exam section to take after BEC in 2023, passing FAR after 54/54, and restudying after a 67 on AUD.

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FAR Lectures Without Notes

Roxanne is asking if her study plan of watching Becker lectures without taking notes, reading the Ninja book, using Becker for MCQs and SIMs, and using Becker final review is sufficient to pass the FAR exam. Jeff's response suggests that this study plan is sufficient but recommends a few changes, such as taking notes during the Becker lectures or rewriting the NINJA Notes, using the NINJA book only for difficult sections, and switching to NINJA MCQs for practice questions. His response also recommends using NINJA Audio and Notes for studying and watching the Becker final review or NINJA Cram depending on which lectures were used to understand the concepts.

Passing the CPA Exam Without an Accounting Degree

Danielle asks for advice on passing the CPA Exam without an accounting degree or background. Jeff answers that the bachelor's degree does not matter as much as the CPA Review Course. It is important to choose a Review Course that breaks down the material and offers teaching aspects. His answer also recommends trying free trials of Review Courses before purchasing them. Jeff concludes by recommending a normal study timeline, which is typically seven weeks, but can be extended to eight weeks for non-traditional candidates.

Studying AUD During Busy Season

The question is from Alex, a first-generation college student and a 2020 graduate who is having trouble passing the CPA Exam. Alex has passed the BEC and Regulation sections but failed the auditing section. On top of this their FAR score expired. Alex wants advice on how to pass FAR and AUD during the upcoming busy season, which can be hectic for them because they work in tax accounting. Jeff advises Alex to study 20 hours a week during busy season, wake up an hour and 15 minutes earlier than usual, and take notes during Becker lectures, practice with NINJA MCQ, rewrite NINJA notes, and watch Ninja Cram.

Passing FAR After Scoring a 32

Ronnie is seeking advice on how to pass the FAR section of the CPA Exam after failing twice. They have watched Roger CPA review lectures and used their MCQ, but struggled with remembering concepts and have an issue with their attention span. They also purchased a NINJA subscription but only used the NINJA Notes and NINJA audio. The advice given is to go back through the Roger lectures and take detailed notes, use the NINJA MCQ, and rewrite their notes. Jeff advises that they should utilize the NINJA Cram as a review before the exam. Before that, though, Jeff recommends reading NINJA notes from day one, listening to the NINJA Audio, and using the Roger test bank for simulations. Finally, they are advised to take notes to help with remembering and staying focused.

The Best CPA Exam Section to Take After BEC in 2023

Harris asks which CPA exam to take next after passing BEC. Jeff's answer is to take AUD next, followed by Regulation, and then FAR. The reasoning behind this order is that AUD is gaining material in 2024 and becoming more difficult, while FAR is getting easier in 2024. In Harris's particularly case, Jeff recommends taking FAR last.

Passing FAR After 54/54

Jana is struggling to pass FAR, despite studying using both Becker and NINJA. Jeff recommends one of two study paths: a NINJA Only path and a NINJA supplement path. For the NINJA Only path, Jana should focus on nailing down concepts through NINJA Sparring lectures, intense note-taking, and non-stop MCQ practice. For the NINJA Supplement path, Jana should use Becker plus NINJA and follow a similar approach, but with a focus on using Becker lectures for concept learning and NINJA MCQ for practice. In both paths, Jeff emphasizes the importance of rewriting notes, listening to NINJA audio, and using the NINJA Cram before the exam. Finally, Jeff recommends using NINJA MCQ for the questions and the Becker test bank for the simulations.

Restudying After a 67 on AUD

Shahid failed the CPA exam with a 67. They want to know how to start studying again and what to do differently. Jeff advises the person to not feel like a failure and not to try to cram or aim for a certain score. There are two paths forward: repeating everything they've done before and hitting weak areas, or filtering current materials through the NINJA framework. Jeff recommends the second path for a retake and suggests focusing on weak areas and using the NINJA Framework. For a third retake, only path two is recommended.

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