Club 75 CPA Exam CHAT Wednesday; Yaeger Estate & Gift Tax Webinar Friday's Premium Membership Site Club 75 is hosting another CPA Exam CHAT this Wednesday August 18 at 10pm Eastern.

The CHAT sessions have proven to be very popular with upwards of 78 attendees per session. As always, one member will win a Yaeger CPA Review CRAM of their choice (up to $225 value).

In the chat, people can interact with other candidates who find themselves in their exact same situation and ask each other questions. I am also available to answer any questions candidates have about studying, score releases, not going insane, etc.

CPA Review

Then on Friday night at 10pm EST, Dr. Phil Yaeger of Yaeger CPA Review will be hosting a live webinar focusing on Estate and Gift Tax for the Regulation section of the CPA Exam. The webinar will last between 45 minutes and one hour.

Both events are FREE.

Sign up for the Club 75 CPA Review Chat (and the Yaeger CRAM giveaway) here.

To sign up for access to the Estate Tax webinar, join Club 75 for 1¢ and you will be given a link to the Webinar, as well as access to the archive of last week's Bonds webinar for Financial Accounting and Reporting.

Yaeger CPA Review also offers readers and Club 75 members, their best CPA Review discounts.

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