CPA Exam Results Update: June 22

As predicted, the AICPA released FAR third and not last yesterday when they released 6,965 FAR CPA Exam scores to NASBA and the independent states on Monday afternoon.

What's Next? Well, more FAR scores I'm guessing. Look at how many scores were released – less than 7,000. Compare that with the 7,800 AUD scores that came out Friday and I think we're going to see another 800-1,000 FAR scores released with REG as well as a few hundred AUD scores as well.

When with the AICPA release REG? Today (Tuesday) or Wednesday. I honestly think it's 50/50. Look for NASBA FAR scores tonight!

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73 comments on “CPA Exam Results Update: June 22”

  • SC FAR is up. Got 85. DONE. Took FAR 3 days before 18 months was up. I NEED my action like that. glglgl to everyone.

    REG 87, BEC 75, AUD 81, FAR 85

  • FAR just posted for Ohio (yea, it’s freakin late!) … 82! … my score goes to show that you just never know. Thus far I have taken 3 exams– BEC– 83 (thought I killed it) … REG — 75 (thought I did much, much better, but still pumped!) … FAR — thought I would get around a 50 … guessed on roughly 30- 40% of questions

  • Anybody receive FAR for NewMexico yet? I’m still waiting on that passing FAR score…

  • NY FAR scores are up. Passed and now finally done with all 4 parts!

    Thank you Jeff for your wonderful site. It has guided me through many tough times and days trying to pass these tests while working and having a “life”. Much appreciation for your work.

    As for the rest, good luck!

  • FAR is up in MA! I PASSED, 83! I’m DONE!! Thank you Jeff for you website and club 75. You’re notes were a huge help. To anyone still waiting and trying, keep at it. You too will have this wonderfully sick feeling in your stomach when you finally pass!

  • Just found out I passed FAR with a 80. I can now call myself a CPA. Jeff, thank you so much for all the guidance on this blog. Whoo Hoo!

  • So as far as Reg goes – that should be posted tonight with FAR? or tomorrow? (I’m in TN if that matters)

  • Jeff, I what point should I give up checking tonight? I am still waiting on my IN FAR score…

  • @ ANXIOUS! — i’m in California. i checked my online state board account around 10AM today and my advisory score there. i know it must be rough for those of you still waiting on scores … i wasn’t able to concentrate on anything the past few days! good luck to you and i hope you will get good news 🙂

  • Someone asked this question but I didn’t see an answer so I have to re-post.
    Jeff- Do you think the FAR scores being released later indicate that those scores were borderline? Any reason why the scores were released later??

    Still waiting for my FAR scores in PA!!! Ahhhh.

  • Got my FAR score (MD) around noon today. It’s weird though, I still haven’t gotten an email saying my score is ready, I just checked the website and it was up.

  • This has probably been asked on here or prior forums, but what time doe CA usually update user accounts with exam scores? I’m anxious to know my score on REG, but don’t want to wait up all night if it’s not going to be posted until morning.

  • “No longer Antsy” What state are you in? I am still waiting on my FAR score. It is driving me crazy! Jeff, do have any idea when IN might release their scores for FAR? If I pass this I am done with the CPA exam.


  • got my advisory score for FAR today … 86!!! so much better than i was expecting 🙂 i left the exam feeling pretty low and thought it would be a miracle if i managed to scrape by with a 75. i just want to thank this great community for all the helpful tips and emotional support. i’m just beginning my ride and have 3 more sections to go. congrats to all those that are finished or have passed sections!

  • Can anyone from MD explain to me how I get my scores? I heard we get an email notification and then we can check our scores, but is there a way to check on a website before we get the email notification? Thank you in advance for your help!

  • AUD in Idaho is up got a 76!!! I AM DONE WITH THE CPA EXAM!! Thanks Jeff for the website…it really helped out! Good luck to everyone else…you can do it trust me!!

  • I’m from PA and the loophole did not work for me. It didn’t matter – 83 on AUD, and now I’m done first try. Thank goodness, becuase my BEC was going to expire at the end of July!

  • Jeff, I just want to say thank you for operating such a great website. I have concluded my CPA exam journey and was very helpful in my preparation and having access to score release information was invaluable. I was fortunate enough to pass all of the parts my first try and managed to complete all four parts within a year. I am very excited to be done and for everyone still studying and taking those exams, good luck and don’t give up on yourself. I know there were so many times I told myself I couldn’t do it or that it wasn’t worth it but now being done I am so glad I stuck to it and never gave up on myself. I know that failing sections one, two, or even three times can be very discouraging but trust me, the feeling of accomplishment when you get that final passing score is amazing. Very few things in my life have I had to dedicate so much time and energy as the CPA exams but those things worth achieving in life come with a price. Your time and efforts are all well worth it and no one and nothing can take away what you will have accomplished.

  • is anyone heard about AUD from VT? do you think is there something wrong with my score or its just VT problems. I’m starting to worry!!

  • Thanks JP! – I will just focus on work today and stop pouting!
    DB- My AUD score was up last time at 9:30 central so that would be 10:30 eastern…. but who knows this time!

    Good Luck!!

  • Got my FAR score in IL this morning…checked at 5:40(CST) and it wasn’t up, checked again at 6:15 and there it was…76…PASS!!! Woo Hoo!!! Two down two to go 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  • Anna, Johnny, and JP – i am in the same situation. Waiting on FAR for PA. I tried the loophole and got the same message. What time will they be available on the website tonight…is it 7:30 (east coast time)?

  • Jeff,

    If my AUD score is still not posted on the NASBA website what’s your guess about the timeframe for it to trickle in? Thanks

  • Anna,
    It is doing the same thing for me. I think we should just be patient as we only have less than 12 hours away. FAR is my last section and I have to pass or my REG score expires and will have to pass both within 2 months. 4th time taking FAR. So much fun. This is first time I truely studied for it though. glglgl everyone

    REG-87, BEC-75(PERFECT), AUD-81….FAR(70,74,73…)

  • Is there anything to say about chances of passing if you were to receive a FAR score tomorrow versus today? I was wondering if those extra scores that are released with REG later tend to be borderline…

  • I am also waiting on my FAR score and yes I know I should just chill and be patient. Clearly, easier said than done. This is my last section and I tried the loop hole this morning. It has the same “all of your scores are currently being processed” phrase as it did before. Would it allow me to reregister for FAR if my scores were released yesterday and I didn’t pass or would it use the key phrase? Thoughts anyone?

  • PA loophole?? – Does anyone know if the PA loophole would work this early in the FAR score release process? As of this morning, I can not re-register for FAR (the score i am awaiting), whereas, the last time I took REG, I found out i failed via the re-exam function on NASBA (the scores were not available until the next day for REG). Any insight would help. Jeff – Bought your notes for REG, very helpful in my studies (unlike Bisks, 13 law chapters and 4 Taxchapters????)…Nice work!!

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