CPA Exam Results Update: June 19

19 Jun 2010


By Jeff

The AICPA released 7,845 AUD CPA Exam scores to NASBA and the independent states on Friday afternoon at approx. 4:15pm EST.

What's Next? I'm predicting a FAR AICPA release on Monday as well as a NASBA AUD release Monday night. Some independent states will be getting their scores out on Saturday in all likelihood.

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Rob 14 years ago

Good Morning! Has anyone received their Audit score for VA yet?

Erica 14 years ago

Not yet, but I check about every hour :)

RichardSF 14 years ago

Finally! California advisory scores for AUD were released this morning. I got a 99. Weekend looking up. Good luck to everyone waiting. Jeff - thanks Jeff for the updates and I love the site. REG - 90 (1/13/10), BEC - 80 (3/8/10), AUD - 99 (5/28/10), FAR - July 13

ahmed 14 years ago

Do you guys really believe VA will post scores today? Is it possible that this would happen over the weekend?

Lucine 14 years ago

So REG in NY......not a chance until Tuesday at the earliest? Talk about the most frusterating feeling ever....

Tom 14 years ago

Hello, is it expected for NY scores to come out today for AUD?

Jeff - 14 years ago

99? That's amazing!

Nick 14 years ago

I'm waiting on my audit score in Mass. will this be released today ya think?

Rob 14 years ago

Thanks Erica....

Matt 14 years ago

Scores are up in illinois.

Liz 14 years ago

Does NASBA ever post on the weekend?

OKCPA 14 years ago

Has anyone from Oklahoma received a score yet for either BEC or AUD?

Eunkyoung 14 years ago

I just received AUD score from CA board. Finally, I passed all subject!! Good luck to every one~

Joe 14 years ago

OKCPA, I am waiting in OK for Aud and haven't gotten a score yet....

Dan 14 years ago

Anybody know when REG will be posted for IL?

Allyson 14 years ago

Liz, NASBA does not release over the weekend. Wish it did!

Jason 14 years ago

When can i expect to know my AUD score resuts for May test? Is it only possible to know by US-mail not by telephone or e-mail? Anticipating my score results and my jurisdiction was GUAM

Jeff - 14 years ago

Jason - AUD should be out tonight via around 10:15pm Eastern. - Jeff

Joemark 14 years ago

REG scores hopefully by Wed night on NASBA? Ugggggh, the wait is torture. Good luck to all and congrats to those that passed their respective parts

JP 14 years ago

Have to pass FAR this time around or I lose my REG score and will have to pass both REG and FAR in 2 month period. This wait is killlllllllllllling me.

LB 14 years ago

Was anyone able to reapply for section in Connecticut and then ended up passing when the score appeared???

anxiouslywaiting 14 years ago

Has anyone received their AUD score for VA? It's usually up by 9am EST but it isn't today. Know what's going on??

AAO 14 years ago

VABOA confirmed that they will have the scores posted by 10:30 a.m.

cynthia 14 years ago

Just tried checking my aud score for TX and still nothing what's going on!?

Cweb 14 years ago

AAO - I am waiting for AUD I took in May, how do you know it will be today at 10:30?

Rob 14 years ago

anxiouslywaiting- I have been checking for the score every 15 min. They haven't so far. good luck

Cweb 14 years ago

Just called the VA BOA and my audit score was not in the last wave since I took it on May 28th. When do they usually release the late exam takers, do I have to wait a nother week? This is my last exam!!

anxiouslywaiting 14 years ago

AAO - I called the VA BOA too and that confirmed that scores would be up at 10:30AM EST but nothing yet! :( this is torture.

Julie 14 years ago

BEC and AUD both up in Oklahoma

Tom 14 years ago

Any word on when NY will release their scores?

anxiouslywaiting 14 years ago

i just got my score for VA

waiting 14 years ago

Anyone in CT got their scores for Audit??

Bubba 14 years ago

Does anybody know when Wisconsin will release scores? I'm waiting on BEC and Audit.

MB 14 years ago

Scores are up for VA. got a 66. sucks...

Rob 14 years ago

*Aud scores are up

Taxed 14 years ago

92 for AUD in VA! I am done with the exams!!!!! Thank you Jeff and Yeager (I only used Roger for AUD, the other 3 were Yeager). I didn't have to retake anything, Yaeger was superior for FAR and REG (90 and 91 were my scores for those 2 beasts).

JS 14 years ago

@ Bubba~ My understanding is that WI is unique in the fact they will not release scores until ALL scores are received. So if your waiting on BEC and AUD you will still have to wait until the FAR scores are release later this week.

IdahoCPA 14 years ago

Does anyone know when AUD will be released to Idaho?

waiting 14 years ago

Has anyone heard anything on GA AUD? Have any NASBA states posted AUD?

tx 14 years ago

What about tx y haven't I seen my aud score yet?

mclovin 14 years ago

anyone hear from massachusetts?

Lucy 14 years ago

Does anyone have ANY idea about REG in NY? Is it a possibility that they will be released tomorrow or Weds.?

NY 14 years ago

Any updates on FAR NY score release by AICPA?

Bob 14 years ago

Im from MA, nothing yet. waiting for Audit

AAO 14 years ago

@cweb - I took the exam on May 27 and got my score about an hour ago. Passed. Done. Good luck!

KATRIN 14 years ago

Has anyone heard from TN

Sham 14 years ago

Does anyone have any updates on REG score release from AICPA? this suspense is torture!

waiting 14 years ago

Sham- follow the Nasba tweet. That is the best way to know right when the AICPA gives them the scores. Then it is 24-48 hours until you get them from nasba.

Chris 14 years ago

I took FAR April 2, 2010. If I pass I'm done...if I fail I lose 2 parts and have 3 to pass. I'm still waiting for my score and I'm freaking out!! Any updates on timing?

JP 14 years ago

Same with me Chris......;alskjd;aflkjsda;fljdf;kl

Joemark 14 years ago

Man, i feel for you guys. That is a tough scenario to be in. It is absurd to me that they can implement this 18 month time requirement, yet they can’t produce the scores faster for individuals to make the necessary adjustments to their schedules. Good luck to you both

NYC 14 years ago

I am in the same boat for FAR also, it's really stressful to think about a game plan if I failed.

CPA$ 14 years ago

I feel for everbody still waiting, I took AUD on April 30th and just got my score back this morning. 76!!!! Might not have knocked it out of the park, but it will work. Its worth the wait once you see that passing score. Now I only have Far left to take in less than two weeks. Good luck to all. AUD 71,76 BEC 77 REG 76 FAR 70,(7/1/10).

waiting 14 years ago

CPA- how do you have your score already? are you not nasba?

CPA$ 14 years ago

@waiting - Yeah, sorry. I probably should have posted that too. I am in KY and we are an Indie state. Once the AICPA releases scores, we generally get them posted the next morning. But I know that the waiting does blow as I was expecting to be in the first wave of scores but had to wait an extra month.

are we there yet? 14 years ago

Today, 6965 FAR scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for the Apr/May 2010 testing window, per nasba twitter

JS 14 years ago

@arewethereyet Thanks! My heart rate just jumped. Have been waiting for my FAR score since 4/15...last section!!

sick of waiting 14 years ago

SO tired of waiting!! Jeff -- Do you think there is a good chance that REG will be released to NASBA tomorrow? Or are my hopes set too high...

dying here 14 years ago

im in Mass, still waiting on AUD! i thought this was going to be released today for sure!?

dying too 14 years ago

Yeah I am dying here too!!! Hopefully by 10 tonight...

antsy 14 years ago

i'm waiting on FAR which is the first and only section i've taken thus far. for California, does anyone know how long it takes for your score to reflect on your online board of accountancy account after the AICPA has released?

Linda 14 years ago

Omg! I took FAR on Apr 16 in Chicago, and I'm STILL waiting to hear the score... this sucks!

Jessica 14 years ago

@ansty- I recently recieved my AUD grade for my 4th and final exam. I have noticed that I usually get my grade the morning following the AICPA release. For example...AICPA released AUD scores on friday and I was able to view my grade sat morning. Goodluck!

Jessica 14 years ago

@Ansty- oh and I live in CA. FYI :)

sooo impatient 14 years ago

SO, if the NASBA offices close at 5, how do the scores come up after 5?

Jeff - 14 years ago

The Batch fires up around 7pm...

antsy 14 years ago

@ Jessica - thanks for the info! if FAR scores were in fact released today, i guess i'll either be dancing around the office tomorrow morning or crying in a bathroom stall. hopefully not the latter ...

Just Wondering 14 years ago

Is Reg the only wave 2 that has not been released yet?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Yes - REG is the lone Wave 2 holdout.

Just Wondering 14 years ago

Jeff, do you think there is a chance at tomorrow, or does AICPA typically skip a day on score releases?

waiting in TX 14 years ago

Any idea when the AUD scores will be posted for TX?

InMassWaitingonAUD! 14 years ago

sigh...still Error: Score not found. Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

Jeff - 14 years ago

The AICPA has done both...back to back and skipping a day.

AUD Scores 14 years ago

Jeff - I am in Ohio and my score just showed up on the NASBA. Is this my percent out of 100?

MA CPA 14 years ago

MA Audit scores are up! 84!! Might be my first one I passed but I feel like I finally know I can tackle this beast!

Jeff - 14 years ago

It's not your %, but rather your score. I hope you did well! Jeff

JP 14 years ago

Everyone dont forget about the OHIO THING if you are waiting on FAR for nasba states

cb 14 years ago

I'm still waiting on MA AUD are there any other waves or is NASBA just slow in loading scores?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Scores "trickle" on release night...

JP 14 years ago

Yea my FAR has not gone through yet. this is so brutal

Jana 14 years ago

Waiting in TX: Texas scores should be out around 4:30 - 5 am this morning.....the Texas website only updates one time a day.....I am waiting for AUD too!

NY 14 years ago

NY scores are up...

NY Too ! 14 years ago

@NY - NY scores for which part? FAR by any chance ?

Emily 14 years ago

Just got my audit score in TN, 93!

Mindi 14 years ago

I just got my AUD score in MA, 86! All I need now is my score for FAR tomorrow night and I may or may not be done!!!

yesssirrrrr 14 years ago

MA AUD scores are up! 88 here. thought i failed (got bored and gave up on simulations) good luck to all the other candidates. Hope you find the (good) news soon! -Nick

Ryan 14 years ago

Audit scores are in MN.....All Done Baby....Good luck to everyone still waiting!!

Jana 14 years ago

TX scores are up! 96!!!!!!

Trevor 14 years ago

I couldn't have studied more perfectly (~60 hrs, 24 were intense though)! 75 here in VT.

rere 14 years ago

Still waiting on VA to post FAR... anyone know when they might be up?

Michelle 14 years ago

Waiting here in Texas as well for FAR score. I'm starting to get very impatient.

ERIN 14 years ago

jeff i'm supernervous here. i'm VT, and my other friends(theyre VT too) got their results this morning 7AM and mine is not!! is there something wrong or is this just because of BATCH process thing??

Jeff - 14 years ago

You might not be in this release Erin. I highly doubt the AICPA is done...should be 1,500 more or so coming out from my guestimation.