CPA Guides

CPA Exam study guides can help you every step along the way from submitting an application to managing time during the test. The smart way to get on the road toward passing the exam is to find the CPA guide that works for you. Guides can help you make the most of your study hours and ease a lot of the stress that’s part of every CPA candidate’s life.

Look to a study guide for general advice on how to pass on your first attempt. A CPA guide can give you suggestions on how to plan your CPA exam prep. A guide can help you design a study schedule to review material effectively and stay on track to cover important subjects. A guide can reveal the secrets of successful test taking that make the difference between passing and failing.

In addition to mapping out exam strategies for FAR, AUD, REG and BEC, a CPA guide can tell you how to score points in simulations and written communications.

The significant change in the CPA Exam that went into effect in April has confused many CPA candidates. Look to your study guide for an explanation and tips on the CPA Exam DRS Simulation (Document Review Simulation).

Scout Review Courses for Free CPA Guides

Chances are good that you are scouting for a CPA Exam review course. Before you make that investment, check to see if your potential review course offers a free study guide. Looking at their study guide may help you decide which review course to buy.

The American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) will give you a free customized Study Aid to help you navigate through the study process. Included in the AICPA Study Aid are a personal timeline, tips and sample questions for test practice. You should take note that the AICPA Study Aid does not teach CPA Exam content. Go to CPA Exam Aid to find the AICPA exam companion.

An additional free study guide is the NINJA Study Planner and CPA Exam Survival Guide available from Another71. Gleim CPA Review System offers the CPA Exam Guide: A System for Success. Becker Professional Education provides tips on exam structure and exam content. Roger CPA Review opens up a Roadmap to Success,

A variety of study guides are available from bookstores. “CPA Exam for Dummies” provides all the current AICPA content requirements plus a full overview of the exam. One recognizable title is “CPA Exam for Dummies” written by Kenneth W. Boyd.