CPA Reviewed #74 – Document Review Simulations (DRS)

CPA Reviewed #74: Wednesday January 25, 2017



1. Alejandra – Is it doable to study REG in 5 weeks and AUD in 4 weeks? I work full time but I could use 2 week vacation to study for these exams.

2. Robby – The first time I took AUD, I made a 73. I took a little break from studying and then returned when I felt mentally ready. I got frustrated using my expensive CPA Review Course (for a number of reasons). I decided to use Ninja notes only for my retake and I passed with a 78. How reasonable in your opinion is it for me to simply pass the rest of my exams with only NINJA Notes.

3. Kimberly – I passed these tests in 2009, but never filed for the license. Can I still do that, or do the test results expire?

4. Jon – Quick questions regarding my NTS and testing window. I am scheduled to take REG exam in NJ the day my NTS expires. I would like to take the exam in mid to late February. Are there any restrictions on reapplying for a new NTS and sitting for the exam during the same testing window, as long as I don't sit for the REG exam on January 13th? My three exams expire in March so I will have to take the exam in February. I also spoke with a rep from NASBA who said this should be fine, but I would like a second opinion.

5. Derek – I have never posted before but I have to see what I did wrong…I have been studying for BEC from December 9th to January 6th for an exam day of January 7th. I felt pretty comfortable for the exam. I have done nothing but study during my break.

I reviewed all the lectures, have done all the homework problems, re-did the homework problems for all the sections during my review stage, and completed both of the final exams Becker had to offer. When it came to the test day, I don’t know where these questions came from. There were very few questions that I know I got right and had to use my judgement on many of the questions. They were nothing compared to the questions I seen on Becker and it seemed like so much of the information I learned wasn’t even applicable to the exam. I don’t know what to think. Maybe it was a overall concept issue I was lacking. I know I put the time into studying but maybe took it the wrong way. Please respond if you have any helpful guidance.

5. Marlene – Hello, I am really concerned because I am enrolled in the Becker BEC fast pass. I began studying before the course and was able to cover until chapter 3. I have done my own notes and attempted to memorize them and did the homework once and I don't feel pleased with the results. I have been in chapter 4 doing the notes for 3 days already and my exam is in 12 days. What should I do? This the first time taking any CPA exam section.

6. Shawon – I'm planning to sit for FAR in May (will graduate in May). I only have one class left to graduate. So, I'm studying FAR now. I know that exam is changing and I haven't seen any update from you yet on that. I've watched few videos from your YouTube channel, there you've emphasized on MCQ heavily, since MCQs worth 60% of the grade. But what about now? They're making it 50/50 now. Please give me your advice how to tackle it now.

7. John – What is the best way to review the DRS Simulations for audit? They are unrealistic to the real world since you don't have 15 minutes to complete something in practice and I had trouble with it on my last failed exam.

8. Colby – I recently took Audit and ended up scoring a 51.  I used Becker and your Audio book.  I knew I wasn't ready but did not think I was that far away from the mark.  I thought I'd e-mail you for advice.  It's really tempting to just walk away – I feel so far from the mark.  The night before I didn't sleep a wink and then finished the test an hour early.  This was the first exam I'd ever taken.  I think the take away would be that I need to revamp my studying, make sure to get some sleep and use that extra hour in a useful way (checking myself).  I'd love your thoughts. 

9. Melissa – I'm currently studying for FAR and struggling with journal entries… Instead of just memorizing every journal entry in the book (I don't have time for that), should I just make sure I know my debits and credits and be familiar with the various types of accounts that make up assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, expenses, and contra accounts? 

10. Steven – I took FAR once with studying with another course. It did not work out well for me and I scored poorly. I am a visual learner and they focused more on the book. Would your program help me, as a visual learner, study better?



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