CPA Reviewed – Podcast #10

    1. Lisa: I've taken Audit 3 times and got a 74, 69, 73. Every time, on my score report, I get a “stronger” for multiple choice and “weaker” for simulations and I was wondering if you had any advice for the simulations part of the audit exam? I purchased the Wiley Online Test Bank. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Yvonne: I am struggling with FAR studying. I passed AUD (77) over the summer and now I am studying for FAR. I scheduled exam for Nov 15th but I am not scoring high enough on my diagnostics. Should I postpone and study for REG instead? I took REG earlier in year and scored (70). I obtained the WILEY problems and solutions book because it seems to explain concepts. My confidence is fading and it is affecting my ability to concentrate!!


    1. Mannie: I just need to pass in audit. This is my 3rd attempt and I am scheduled to take it on the 13th of November. On previous exams, my scores were 60 and 64. On both I was weak in Simulations. How much time do you recommend to spend on simulations? I remember last time I didn't have time to answer one tab. Does time determine the scoring process?


    1. Abe: I’m scheduled to take my final exam (Regulation) in the end of November. Since this is my last section, and I don’t have anything left to study, should I assume I failed and keep studying while waiting for my score or be optimistic and assume I passed? I have a wife and kid and I would like to avoid 3 weeks of unnecessary studying if possible. Your input would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Anonymous: Aside from the difference of being able to sign on financial statements, are there any other differences in the CPA license with a “General” designation versus “Attestation” experience designation? Does the “General” have less clout or respect than the “Attestation” license? I work in private industry and am not sure how I would go from a G to an A license within private industry without any public attestation experience.


    1. Ji: I have a question about how to schedule the exam in this window. I have failed AUD two times. Do you think I need to retake AUD or BEC this test window? I have passed BEC, but lost credit because of 18 month rule. I am struggling with which one I need to take first. In addition, do you think BEC and AUD will change a lot?


    1. Meryl: Do you have any tips for studying on your way to/from work? I commute anywhere between 1-2 hours per day and was just wondering if there was any way I could study while driving.


    1. Tony: I am taking auditing for the third time. In the past, I have scored a 55 and a 73. Before the last attempt, I went through over 5500 MCQs. I have taken your advice from previous podcasts and started from the beginning by watching the videos and reading the book. When I began the MCQs for the current exam, I found myself missing questions that I know the answers. I believe I am not taking the time to read the questions or skimming over them. With just over a month before exam day, November 21, I want to correct my bad habits and pass my last exam. Any advise you could provide would be great.


    1. Matt: I am finishing up my Accounting degree, and the school I attend offers an Accounting Master's Program. I understand that I would be much more prepared to take the CPA exam after the Master's program, but am I ill prepared to start taking the exam right after I graduate with the Bachelor's? I will have the necessary 150 credits when I graduate with the Bachelor's.


    1. Eran: I know that this question varies for each but I wanted to get your opinion. I work six days a week from 9 to 5, and I'm married with one child. How much time should I give myself to study for each part of the CPA test if I'm planning to study three to four hours a day (most likely three hours a day)?


    1. Stephen: Do you know when Wiley is coming out with a Test Bank app for Android? I've noticed that it is already out for the iPhone and am looking forward to the Android app.


    1. Lindsey: What changes can I expect in the 2012 versions of REG and FAR?


    1. Denise: Do you know the specifics about how the test is scored? For example, are some questions worth less than one point, more than one point, etc?


    1. Olga: I got my NTS in the last two weeks and scheduled my review classes starting January.
      When I filed my application with the board I only paid for FAR, which will be the first class I'll take.Do you suggest that I pay for the other three exams? I know you save money by paying for them all together, but saving money for me isn't an issue. I do plan on studying a minimum of 20-25 hours a week and knowing myself I will go beyond those hours. I am however nervous about losing all that money in case something comes up, like a family emergency.


      I was also looking at testing availability for AUD in April in my area and saw only 4-5 days left. Is that really possible?! I would have to really force myself to take the exam before my ideal date. Is it possible that all the dates are booked 6 months in advance?


    1. David: What is the best way to tackle the FAR part of the CPA exam? I really don’t know which review course to use. What do you recommend?


    1. Benny: My question is about AUD. There are some rules and requirements have been changed. Have online exam questions been updated or changed?


    1. Ben: I have been studying to take REG at the end of November, but work is really busy right now and I have decided to push it off until January 2012. I have been studying from 2011 software. Do I need to study with new software or will that suffice?


    1. Joe: I just received my Audit Exam score, 74! I was wondering if you knew how to get the score reviewed and if its even worth doing?



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