CPA Reviewed – Podcast #13

06 Dec 2011


    1. Ann: I just recently figured out that my study materials expire in March. When I ordered them, I didn't know they had an expiration date. At this point, I haven't passed any of the exams, and I'm starting to get very frustrated. My main question I guess is, do you have any recommendation on what study materials are good, but not too expensive?


    1. Micah: I graduated in 2005 with a BS in Accountancy in a University in the Philippines. I need to get my transcripts evaluated by an accreditation organization, then they will forward the evaluation to the Board. I am choosing California because that's where I live. I also understand that it takes 6-8 weeks before they are done with the evaluation. How will I know that they have forwarded the evaluation? Is that when I apply for the test?


    1. Josh: I have two DUIs from 2001 that were taken care of. I have passed the exam, completed the experience requirement, and have had no trouble since those incidents. I received a notification from NASBA that my file was under review. Is this going to slow down obtaining my license, or are they likely to deny my application?


    1. Nishisksi: How do I use the NINJA Notes?


    1. Gunther: I graduated with my MS in Accounting in May 2010. I want to pass all 4 parts as fast as I can. I have a full time job of 45 hours a week and a very tight budget. I need to know what materials to buy, how many hours to put in each section, which order to take them in, and when to study.


    1. Katherine: I passed all four sections of the CPA Exam. I was wondering if the Ethics Exam also had to be taken in the 18 month time window? I was considering waiting 2 years to take the ethics exam since I am working on the 3 years of governmental auditing needed to be licensed in Alaska.


    1. Ariadne: I failed FAR with a 63. MCQs were comparable, and I bombed simulations. I just finished going through my review course again and still don't feel ready. I’ve considered changing review courses. In your opinion, how should I tackle this material? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This exam is challenging me in every way possible, and I feel very overwhelmed.


    1. Jeff: During my FAR exam, my computer shut down. After it was restarted, I was assured by the employee at the test center that none of my test would be lost. I felt very confident about the exam. I received my score of 69 today, which was a shock because I felt I knew most of the material. Do you think there is a possibility the computer outage had anything to do with my failing score?


    1. Jonathan: I just failed FAR a second time. I scored a 70 in May 2011 and 69 in November 2011. I’m not too concerned about my ability to pass it, but curious as to what route you would take from here. I qualified for the my review course’s update, so I can get the 2012 software and book for FAR at a reduced rate. Do you recommend getting the new materials, or using the 2011 material to knock out MCQs for 2 months straight to try and pass in Q1? My current software doesn't expire until May 2012. Thanks!


    1. Mike: I took all 4 sections of the exam between July 1, 2011, and September 31, 2011. I passed FAR, REG, and BEC. I failed AUD with a 72. I studied hard again and felt more prepared than the first time around. I took full advantage of Wiley's Test Bank and hit roughly 75% on 5 or 6 full length practice tests. I got my score today: another 72. I've targeted January/February 2012 to retake AUD. Where do I go from here? Should I be OK using 2011 materials in the first window of 2012 for AUD?


    1. Ozzie: I passed my last section, Audit, with an 86 with the help of your NINJA Study Notes. What now? How or when do I get that nice big certificate that I can post on my wall?


    1. Amber: I started studying for the CPA exam in May 2009 and have failed all four sections multiple times. I just found out I got a 69 on Audit, and I can’t get myself together. I know i need to buckle down and just get it done, but I don’t know what to do. I have used the same review program throughout this process, but my second round of it expires in a few weeks. I postponed my FAR test to January 3. Should I try a different study material or do I just need to buck up?


    1. Tom: I want to try to pass the CPA exam before I start my job about 20 months from now. I am in the process of getting my approval to sit from California but am also in the midst of my first year of a full time MBA. I know its ambitious to want to do this concurrently, but that’s why I'm writing. Is it a decent strategy to start to study for REG, then study and take BEC? If I pass REG, go on to FAR, and if not take REG again, then take Audit last? My reasoning is that if worst case comes around, I would lose my REG credit due to time, which isn’t as bad as losing FAR.


    1. Carrie: I just received my NTS for FAR last week. My original plan was to take the exam the end of May. Now that seems so far away, and I am wondering if it is possible to successfully take the exam at the end of February instead. I just don't know if it is realistic to find enough study hours. I work full time at a small CPA firm and prepare taxes. I am married with 2 children ages 7 and 4. My goal is to have all 4 sections passed before the holidays next year. What would you do?


    1. Happy: I'm struggling on whether I should use the 2012 study materials. I just took BEC and applied to take REG, FAR, & AUD in 2012. Currently I have 2010 study materials for all parts. I'm wondering if it is better to buy the 2012 material or if it is OK to use the 2010 material for the 2012 exams. With all the law changes, I am not sure if my material is up to date. What do you think?


    1. Jimmy: Assuming you had the full month of December to study full-time for BEC & AUD and that you had to take these two tests in January, how would you go about preparing for both at the same time? Would you suggest studying all of BEC first and then moving to AUD or studying both simultaneously? How many hours of studying would you devote to each test?


    1. Divya: I failed Audit two times with 73 and 74. The last time I sat for Audit, I rewrote my notes and practiced all the MCQs and Simulations again. I scored an 80 and 85 on the mock exam. I don't know what to do differently this time. I have been weaker in simulations both times. I have until April 30, 2012, to pass BEC and AUD, after which my FAR will expire. I passed BEC in 2010, so I did not have any written communications on the exam that time. How should I schedule both the exams within this time period, which one should I take first, and what can I do differently for the Audit exam?



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Jny 12 years ago

No, it's not worth it, you get paid the same unless you want to peusre your masters. Look into Kaplan, it's very easy actually, I passed with the first 70 questions. You can really pick out a pattern, if you do at least 3 Nuclex study guides.