CPA Reviewed – Podcast #19: February 21 Score Release

22 Feb 2012


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    1. Yen: I've taken BEC and REG but didn’t pass either exam. I want to start studying again but my work schedule is hectic, working 10 to 12 hour days. On top of that, my commute is two hours every day. Do you have any suggestions for studying?


    1. Dibyendra: I currently have a 2011 review course, and I am not willing to spend money on buying 2012. Would it be sufficient to buy your NINJA Study Notes for 2012 which will track all the changes in 2012?


    1. Jennifer: I have not earned my BA yet. But I was wondering if it is too soon to start preparing for the CPA Exam? One of my professors told me not to because I might get overwhelmed.


    1. Marquita: What are the main topics you should focus on for the BEC portion of the exam?


    1. Eric: I have my masters in accountancy and have worked in the private sector for 6 years. I am finally ready to start preparing for the CPA exam. I would like advice on where to start.


    1. Irina: What do you mean by “fact nuggets”? Can you give an example?


    1. Augustine: When you state in your “NINJA” study methods Intense Notes and Just Rewrite it, do you mean your review notes that you have on your website and add in specific examples to expand them? Then Distill those down and re-write again?


    1. Reshma: Am I missing out on anything by using my 2011 AUD notes?


    1. Andrew: Do you know where I can get a Study Calendar for REG or AUD?


    1. Todd: When you say watch all videos at once, say there is 8 chapters to FAR, watch all the chapter one videos first then notes?


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