CPA Reviewed – Podcast #24: 2 CPA Exam Sections in 1 Day?

16 Jul 2012


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    1. Emily – I am on my third attempt at FAR, and I am considering changing my review course and adding the Wiley test bank and your NINJA notes. Do I need to watch all of the videos again, or are the Wiley test bank and NINJA notes enough?


    1. Will – I have passed FAR and REG. For AUD, I plan on studying a full eight weeks at about 25 hours a week. I have absolutely no Auditing experience and I have read a lot on the forum how much trouble others have had. Should I approach AUD the same way I have for the other two?


    1. Salomon – I have been out of school for some years now and having trouble with grasping some of the materials, especially in relation to bonds and equities and consolidation. What do you recommend to help supplement for my study preparation that is cost effective and time effective? I need help specifically with the Financial part of the CPA Exam.


    1. Marilyn – What should I do with study material from 2 years ago? Is it obsolete? Or should I use it?


    1. Kyle – I'm a first time test taker. I am scoring 50-60% on the practice tests. It's making me want to give up before starting. Is this normal?


    1. Ariadne – What's the best way to get a study group together? I think I need to be studying with people and talking about accounting stuff to get me over the 75 hump. Do you have any suggestions?


    1. Mike – I passed the CPA exam. What is next? Should I go for anything else? Are there any more qualifications I should take?


    1. Joyce – My question is on the “Intense Notes.” What do you do when the lecturer starts reading directly from the book? I found myself furiously scribbling down notes directly from the book when that happens. Is that what you do?


    1. Calvin – Is there a good method to do a research question on the FAR exam?


    1. Sushma – I will be moving from New York to Texas. Can NASBA transfer my papers from the NY board to the Texas board? Will I still get licensed if i worked in NY, but took the exam in Texas?


    1. Curtis – After being out of school for around 10 years now I've decided to follow my degree path and obtain my CPA designation. Being so far removed from tax and audit, will the material in the reviews be sufficient to refresh and pass?


    1. Michael – If you HAD to take any 2 sections of the CPA exam on the SAME day….which 2 would you choose?


    1. Vis – My plan is to purchase a prep course in the fall when my last class starts for my MS in accounting. I'm sure that I can handle one class and a CPA prep course. Will my material be out of date because I will only be able to take two exams before the end of the year?


  1. Kevin – In the NINJA study framework, when you say nail the videos do you mean watch ALL of the lecture videos first and then do multiple choice?

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