Data Access Time

Data Access Time is the amount of time it takes for a computer or peripheral device to seek out and find data, i.e., the amount of time to retrieve data from memory or storage.

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Accelerator Theory

The accelerator theory states that changes in investment are related to changes in national income. As national income increases, investment must increase to increase capacity to produce consumer goods. The increase in investment will be a multiple of the increase in sales. The accelerator theory is a macroeconomic concept.

Absorption Costing

Absorption costing is a method of costing in which fixed costs are treated as a product cost and assigned to the units produced. Fixed costs follow the units through work-in-process and finished goods as an inventoriable cost and are expensed through cost of goods sold when the units are sold. Absorption costing is required by […]

Absolute Advantage

Absolute advantage is the advantage one nation, region, or individual has over another when more product can be produced in that nation than in another using the same amount of resources. It is a macroeconomic concept. If each nation specializes in the product(s) in which it has an advantage (absolute or comparative), each nation specializes […]

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