FAR Sparring – Financial Reporting: June 29, 2020

I love the sparring lectures. He is great at explaining & I love how he lays out the detail in the spreadsheets.”

– Karina

“Wanted to give a shout out to the sparring sessions. They are VERY helpful. I usually can’t get to them live but really find value in the replays.”

– Cory

Live FAR CPA Tutoring: Monday, June 29, 2020 – 7pm Central

Topic: Income Statement

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What is NINJA Sparring?

NINJA Sparring is a CPA Exam Tutoring/CPA Cram hybrid via Zoom.

The live sessions are CPA tutoring with Q&A, and the replays get archived and become a Cram Course.

“These sparring sessions are awesome and much better than the live sessions I have with my primary study package.”

– Laurel

We run four sparring sessions a week with the following schedule:

  • Monday – FAR
  • Tuesday – AUD
  • Wednesday – REG
  • Thursday – BEC

Most sessions include an accompanying Excel worksheet.

Replays are available the following day.

How much does NINJA Sparring cost?

While CPA Exam tutoring typically costs $100+/hour, NINJA Sparring sessions are included as part of the $67/mo NINJA Monthly package.

What CPA Exam topics have been covered?

NINJA Sparring sessions usually last around an 1.5 hours, depending on the questions asked during the session.

Each session does a deep dive into a specific subtopic within a topic, so if Leases are covered multiple times, for instance, each sesssion will focus on a particular nuance of leases.

For example, if one session covers Finance Leases from a Lessor's perspective. The next session would cover it from a Lessee's perspective, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of NINJA Sparring is the Q&A, so bring your questions!

1. Statement of Cash Flows (1:11)1. Internal Control (1:02)1. Individual Taxation (1:02)1. Cost Accounting (:58)
2. Business Combinations (1:33)2. Substantive Procedures (1:37)2. Property Taxation (1:27)2. Financial Management (1:44)
3. Pension Accounting (1:40)3. Audit Sampling (1:47)3. C-Corporation (1:43)3. Financial Management - (2:00)
4. Income Taxes (1:32)4. Audit Reports (1:37)4. C-Corporation (1:42)4. Financial Management (1:50)
5. AICPA-Released SIMS (1:12)5. Engagement Planning (1:55)5. S-Corp Taxation (1:35)5. Economics (1:46)
6. Bonds (2:09)6. Professional Responsibilities (1:46)6. Individual Taxation (2:03)6. Economics (2:07)
7. Financial Reporting (2:03)7. Professional Responsibilities (1:03)7. Individual Taxation (2:03)7. Economics (1:33)
8. Financial Reporting (2:00)8. Internal Control (1:37)8. Individual Taxation (1:48)8. Corporate Governance (1:52)
9. Financial Reporting (2:07)9. Internal Control (:41)9. Individual Taxation (1:22)9. Corporate Governance (1:53)
10. Leases (2:02)10. Internal Control (1:35)10. Property Taxation (1:50)10. Cost Accounting (2:05)
11. Leases (1:12)Internal Control (8/4)Property Taxation (8/5)Cost Accounting (8/6)
12. Leases (1:48)Substantive Procedures (8/11)Partnerships (8/12)Cost Accounting (8/13)
Current Assets (8/10)Substantive Procedures (8/18)Estates & Trusts (8/19)Financial Management (8/19)
Current Liabilities (8/17)Substantive Procedures (8/25)Gift Taxation (8/26)Financial Management (8/27)
Inventory (8/24)Audit Sampling (9/1)Taxation Process (9/2)Strategic Planning (9/3)
Assets (8/31)Audit Reports (9/8)Securities Regulations (9/9)Financial Risk Management (9/10)
Assets (9/7)Audit Reports (9/15)Ethics (9/16)Performance Measures (9/17)
Investments (9/14)Accounting & Review Services (9/22)Business Structures (9/23)Information Technology (9/24)
Equity (9/21)Attestation Engagements (9/29)Contracts (9/30)Information Technology (10/1)
Business Combinations (9/28)Governmental Auditing (10/6)Secured Transactions (10/7)
Foreign Currencies (10/5)Debtor & Creditor Relationships (10/14)
Partnership Accounting (10/12)Agency (10/21)
NFP Accounting (10/19)
NFP Accounting (10/26)
Governmental Accounting(11/2)
Governmental Accounting (11/9)
Governmental Accounting (11/16)

NINJA Sparring Demos:

Where do I watch the Sparring replays?

Live sparring sessions are open to all NINJA Monthly members. Replays are available according to your NINJA Monthly subscription.

“Thank you for such a very helpful Zoom class. Well done with Ninja Mike!” Just a plug for the sparring sessions – and for joining in live!  Last week I just watched the re-run, but this week was able to get in on the live session.  It is SO worth the time.  Your brain engages in a different way when you are participating as opposed to just watching.  Thanks, Jeff Elliott and NINJA Mike!'

– Jean K

Signup: https://www.another71.com/ninja-cpa-review/

Login: https://dojo.ninjacpareview.com/ninja-lessons/ninja-sparring/