Tonight – FAS 141(R) with Dr. Phil Yaeger


Dr. Phil Yaeger, CPA will be filming a live CPA Exam webcast for Club 75 members tonight at 9:30pm Eastern.

The webcast will last approximately an hour and will be devoted exclusively to FAS 141(R) consolidation problems for the Financial Accounting and Reporting section of the CPA Exam.

This webcast is for Club 75 members only, but you can view it for free by joining Club 75 and taking part in the free 7 day trial.

If you are struggling with FAS 141(R) – don't miss this webcast. You can be SURE it will be a major part of your next FAR exam and it's a ripe topic for simulations because it's only been tested for six months.

If you can't attend the live filming, the webcast will be archived to view at your convenience.

You can view the webcast, as well as interact with others taking FAR by subscribing here:

Read more about [Club 75].

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