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Don't just cram … BLITZ.

NINJA BLITZ is included with the Assault Package



BEC BLITZ: Financial Management I-IV

FAR BLITZ: Governmental Accounting I-V

AUD BLITZ: Engagement Planning I-IV

REG BLITZ: Individual Taxation III-VI


BLITZ Testimonials

I remembered more today from the 5 minute FAR video I watched last night than all the notes I took yesterday during my study session.” – Elizabeth G

“I briefly watched a few Blitz videos (which were extremely helpful) and found it more interesting/easier to understand than the (expensive course) videos.” – Jessica H

“Helps make all the major points sink in quickly – very very helpful.” – Vicky

Hi Jeff, these videos are great! Your timing is perfect, I am taking FAR tonight. Thanks so much.” – Considine

Ninja Blitz is outstanding, congrats on a job well done! Your delivery is great and lighthearted, it makes these dry BEC topics so much easier to tolerate. Also, I love the examples you give us to help the info stick…like hash totals, for example! LMAO!!!” – MintsRGood

“Thanks Jeff, these videos are AMAZING!” – Shereen

“Thanks Jeff, I just watched all the REG videos and I appreciate all the examples and mnemonics you provide. I am actually enjoying your videos not like the super boring (expensive course) videos I used to watch. Great job Jeff!!” – Mary

“Thanks for the AUD videos especially in Engagement Planning! Love them – short and sweet. Less of a chance of me drifting while listening.” – Aundreia

“I'm only going to have 1 week to study for Audit and was planning on just ‘winging it' but I think Ninja Blitz will give me a fighting chance…” – Patricia

“Thank you for helping me. I am grateful for all the work you have done to prepare the materials.” – Victoria

“They definitely made it easier for me to understand and study.” – Chinecua

“These have been definitely helpful!” – Hant

Very Helpful!!” – Hannah

“I like it because it's very straight forward.” – Helen

“Very easy to understand! Very helpful!” – Ashley

Love it! Will watch many times for reinforcement!” – Debbie

Very informative.” – Arshad

“I like it, it's easier to listen to than (expensive course), very concise.” – Cristy

“Great, I like the videos it helps me with remembering the concepts. For someone reason, with notes and video seem to find it makes more sense.” – Ron

“Love it! Thanks, Jeff. It's a good refresher. Short videos like this with the main points are great for the tougher subjects – Bonds, Pensions, Leases, etc.” – Nicole

“Oh my!!! So awesome thanks Jeff you rock!” – Kyle

“I am a newcomer @ USA, willing to sit for the CPA exam. I got a very clear and straight cut view about bonds from the discussion. It was really very helpful.” – Naseem

“Absolutely love it. Helps re-create the idea of an actual college class and makes learning less stressful.” – Alissa

“Thanks Jeff! Just ordered the Blitz AUD. They are awesome!!!” – Karina

I do so much better with your BLITZ system than (expensive course).” – Tanya

“I may not have passed FAR but your videos helped me understand several concepts that I haven't been able to with my study course. Those videos (in simple, understandable terms) sold me on your course immediately! Thanks so much!” – Irina

“The blitz videos were awesome by the way.” – Sanjhae

Love the Blitz Jeff!!” – Linda

“I'm loving it all!!!! The videos are short and sweet and to the point. It makes it easier to blast few a few whenever I have a few minutes.” – David J

“It gave me a little boost of hope and perhaps even a bit of sanity.” – JM

“I love the Ninja Blitz videos! Thank you for making them available!” – Mallory

“Loving it…a big motivation to study. Thanks a lot Jeff!” – Rana

“I'm in the last week of my review period for FAR, and the Blitz videos are stellar for a quick and simple memory refresh. FAR is so much material, it seems impossible to remember it all: Watching the Blitz videos reminds me of the basics and builds my confidence.” – Carrie M

“I am really enjoying listening to the blitz videos. Like you said, it is a great way to review key points while at work.” – Bob P

“I think that everything you put out is awesome. It is not as dry as some other study material I have gotten from other places. You work has made me more determined and motivated. Thanks alot.” – Kevin

Love it all! Thank you! – Laura M

“Thank you SO MUCH for Blitz. I (re)take FAR on Wednesday, and the videos are fantastic for review of the major topics.” – Cassandra

“I have enjoyed watching them, especially since my mind tends to wander off easily. They are a perfect blend of audio and visual tools as a supplement to rewriting the Ninja notes. Keep up the great work!” – Tiffany T



Don't just cram … BLITZ.

NINJA BLITZ is included with the Ten Point Combo

Download the Ten Point Combo Demos instantly here.





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  • According to CPA Excel study materials, GAAS 10 standards are still required for issuer companies (public companies) and the Clarified standards are only for non-issuer companies. You need to know both for the test

  • Seriously, you’re awesome. You’re not in it for the money but to actually help people out. Sainthood is coming for you from within the accounting world for sure. You’re such a good person!

  • Thank you so much Jeff. I will be purchasing aud and reg next week. The blitz videos really hammered home what I needed for FAR! I can’t thank you enough

  • Thanks Jeff for the invite. Also thanks for you speedy response to my request. I will let you know how everything turns out.

  • You are slowly becoming my only real friend Jeff, lol. The videos are really helpful and easy to watch on the go. The information just sticks better when i watch the videos.

  • Jeff, you are awesome. Thanks for reading my mind and putting up some free videos. I don’t think I can handle another video of Jack Norman struggling to read his teleprompter. Your videos and audio are to the point, fun to listen to (I think you are funny) and genuine. Good stuff!!

  • Thank You for putting up free videos for REG. looks so simplified and down to earth. where can i look other free videos for REG ?

  • I set my morning alarm on my phone and put it away from my bed. When it goes off I have to get up quickly before my wife complains. 5 Minutes later I am watching a Blitz Video before I jump in the shower. VERY HELPFUL.

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